Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday with Mommy

The little dragons and I had a nice, "quiet" day at home today. I tried to catch up on chores and they tried to catch up on shenanigans.

8:00am: Maisie is climbing around her crib on her side using the crib rungs as leverage. (I'll certainly be glad when we are totally off of O's).

9:45am: After breakfast, Maisie climbs out of her rocker to retrieve lambie, who fell to the floor. I caught her hanging there, a centimeter off the floor but very content.

10:30am: James is devouring Maisie's hand and vice versa. You would think we starved these babies!

10:45am: Maisie throws up on James's hand and arm. Mommy dragon gets a photo of the puke in progress - but barely catches Maisie before she starts blowing bubbles and licking James' arm.

11:00am: James rolls over from back to belly! Maisie sees this and gets very angry as she has been working on this for a while.

11:30am: Baby nap time; mommy chore time.

12:30pm: Lunch for babies and dinner in the crockpot for parents.

1:45pm: Baby nap time; mommy taxes time.

2:30pm: Snack. James ate a whole bullet serving of sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. I tried very hard to keep him clean but he was giggling the whole time and trying to get messy. Maisie tried sweet potatoes and fell asleep after the first bite - that is one of her tactics to get out of eating. James ate her serving.

3:30pm: Piano time - James loves making new tunes on the piano play mat. Meanwhile, Maisie and I worked on standing.

4:30pm: Maisie vs Giraffe. A few days ago she would have been growling and attacking Giraffe but now she is kissing, blowing bubbles, and slobbering on Giraffe. A love/hate relationship, I presume? James is still playing on the piano and singing "bub bub bub".

I could watch the little dragons all day. They're so darn entertaining!

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