Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seven (and a half) month stats!

We met up with Dr Jim bright and early on this Saturday morning for the seven month checkup. Everything is going wonderfully with the little dragons and as usual he is very happy with their progress.

Maisie: 12lbs 3oz, 23 inches long
James: 11lbs 1oz, 23 inches long.

After we went through the developmental milestones, Dr Jim chuckled and said that they had been scheduled for a nine month visit even though they are only seven and a half months old. So, we had gone through the whole development chart for nine month olds. On many levels, the babies are beyond their actual age for development!

Normally preemies are somewhere between there actual age and adjusted age (which for the babies would be four and a half months). We are so proud of them. There are still things we are working on, like sitting and motor skills, but for the most part the little dragons are kicking @&$ and taking names.

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