Friday, February 8, 2013

Show offs

The little dragons are learning and getting stronger every day. They pick things up every second it seems.

For example, James would stand for a few seconds before his legs would collapse under him just last week. Last night, he stood for several minutes and you can tell he is so proud of himself.

During tummy time Maisie has two sides: banshee or sphinx. If she's banshee, she will roll over and get frustrated very easily. If she's in the sphinx mode, Maisie sits propped up on her arms for a long time taking things in. While standing, she will let go of one hand and lift one foot off the floor and balance quite well before she goes "bonko" and starts the whole process all over again.

James definitely watches Maisie intently and tries to do what she can do. Right now he's loving sticking his tongue out and trying to be a sphinx too. He is still most content hanging upside down and would absolutely love it if we could feed him like that.

We joke that Maisie is the one that will be jumping off the roof when James is on the ground deciding whether its a good idea. Maisie is the doer and James is the thinker. Nonetheless, these babies are pretty fearless overall though they may have very different ways of getting their adrenaline fix.

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