Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snowy Sunday

We're getting socked in with the biggest snow of the season thus far. We have about a foot already and it's still coming down. Thankfully we aren't going anywhere for a few days.

Our day started off like any other. Diapers, bottles, baby food (peaches)... then we got to FaceTime with Auntie Ca and baby Giblet in Washington. After another diaper change and a nap, we decided to pull out the snow suit that fits the babies and take turns going outside.

One thing we've been realizing is that these little dragons are in a growth spurt. They did not really fit in the snow suit- especially Maisie, so it was a good thing we were just in and out. They will shortly be out of the 0-3 month clothes and into 3-6. Anyways, we made a quick trip outside and the babies seemed to really enjoy the sensory change.

Once we returned to our normal day to day (aka the living room), we got straight to bottles, pears, diapers, playtime, and naps. We are sure glad our time on this snowy Sunday can be inside and not out in the weather.

On a side note, the March for Babies is two short months away (April 27th). We are miles away from our goal of $626. If every reader of our blog donated just $5 we would be there by now. I don't want to beg, but would you be so kind to give up one Starbucks and sponsor our team? You'll hardly miss it, I promise. Thanks a million!

PS- if you walk with us, you walk with the little dragons!

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