Friday, February 22, 2013

The flying banshee

Maisie loves to squeal at the top of her lungs right now. It's very high pitched, and LOUD. This new banshee cry is kind of like singing but it is very tough on the eardrums. She loves to do this especially during tummy time when she pulls her head up, then bravely lifts all limbs off the floor and starts squealing like there's no tomorrow.

James has learned to blow raspberries and is very cute about it. Our methodical thinker baby, James first learned to stick out and hold his tongue out, then worked on getting saliva for a few days, and spent the rest of the week figuring out how to blow. It's like he knew all the steps, and spent the time mastering them before moving on.

Here's an overview of what the babies are doing and loving right now.

Maisie: standing, trying to stand without help (and falling), sitting, blowing raspberries, laughing, throwing toys, squealing, her feet, tummy time, nanners, green beans, being a drama queen, being a social butterfly, her mohawk, shiny things, her snuggly, her Violet, winkel, tag blanket, links, bears, ducky, and of course lambie toys, sleeping, daddy, and getting rid of horrible socks!

James: standing, sitting, roll, dive bomb, and dive bomb with flip (new trick), eating anything on a spoon, the piano mat, music, magic beads, eating, cuddling, talking, laughing and giggling, eating, being tickled, blowing raspberries, his Scout, lion, bears, winkel, froggy, and of course Puppy toys, eating, bath time, messy lunch time (before baths), sleeping, mommy, and moving / grooving however he can!

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