Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time Flies

One year ago, we drove to an appointment very early on a Friday morning. I was so sick, having been glutened by one of our favorite restaurants. We still made our appointment - but barely. We got settled and quickly heard the following:

"There's one flutter... and there's another flutter." Flutter meaning heartbeat, and heartbeat meaning we were carrying twins. They were the size of blueberries and a half an inch long each. Their heartbeats were 155 and 145 beats per minute.

I was high risk because of my complicated medical history and multiple gestation. We arranged to see a high risk perinatologist, Dr Heyborne, who was recommended as the best. We couldn't agree more after the fact. When we left the office that day we headed straight to the Pharmacy to get Zofran for my sickness. In the car, I proposed the name Maisie Angeline and Jimmy said James Douglas. We knew then and there that we would have a boy and a girl, though it wouldn't be confirmed until June.

Our whole world changed that day. Little did we know that it would change again and again and be tossed upside down more times than we could imagine... but here we are a year later and things are quite normal once again.

The little "blueberries" are still Maisie and James and weigh 12lbs 2oz and 10lbs 12oz respectively. They've made our lives so much better. It's been a very tough road but these babies have brought a lot of hope to the world.

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