Tuesday, March 26, 2013

9 months old

Maisie is feeling better. She's nearly back to her feisty self, though she still is raspy and has a cough. We are on the nebulizer for a few more weeks and continuing our albuterol and corticosteroids. The Nose Frida is our new best friend and we are learning to suck boogies with the best of them. (On a side note, I don't think I will ever think of a straw the same way again - thanks babies.)

Dr Jim saw the babies today and was so impressed by many things. First, that Maisie did so well with bronchiolitis (viral infection of the bronchioles in the lungs) and did not require hospitalization. Secondly, that James is not sick. Thirdly, that the little dragons are doing so well and thriving!

We always like good news like this, especially from experts like Dr Jim. We take his knowledge and background in neonatology and pediatrics as a great sign that the little dragons are doing just what they should be, and more.

The weigh in was interesting as Maisie kept mostly steady due to her illness. She was 12 lbs 9 oz and 24.25 inches long, while James was 11 lbs 15 oz and 24 inches long. If I'd kept his socks on he would have been 12 lbs.

In other news, our March for Babies walk is fast approaching. We have t-shirts available for anyone who walks and donates $25. Donating is easy: online at http://tinyurl.com/teamlittledragons2013. If you prefer, we can take cash or checks the day of - just let me know! Deadline for ordering t-shirts is April 8th.

We are at $420 of our $626 goal - thanks to Auntie Ca, Terri, and Cousins Liam & Marian all the way in Ireland. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this wonderful cause!

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