Sunday, March 31, 2013

Anniversary / Easter

Today is our six year wedding anniversary, and it happens to be Easter. We spent the weekend on a short vacation thanks to the generosity of a few select people (Mom, Brian, and Jimmy).

When we returned from Grand County this afternoon it was clear that the little dragons enjoyed their time with Grandma Margie, Grandpa Doug and Great Aunt Joanna. They were exhausted but glad to see us. Though it was great to get away and catch up on some much needed relaxation and sleep, we are glad to be back with our little dragons. We can't wait to take them up to Grand Lake and to many other places we love to travel to.

The babies were in Easter themed outfits and as usual, we took this opportunity to get some photos. Maisie kept stealing James's bunny ears, probably because teal blue is her favorite color right now and she is obsessed with shiny things like jewelry and pretty clothes. After she got the ears off, she yanked on his hair really well, and James didn't even flinch. Someday I'm sure he will get her back. Right now, he's mellow.

James is still eating everything in sight and talking up a storm. Maisie is getting very mobile and is sitting very well unassisted. Things change daily and we were glad that there were no major changes or milestones over the weekend.

What a great way to celebrate our six years married, thirteen years together - raising Maisie and James.

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