Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eyes? Check.

The little dragons have been routinely going to eye exams to check on their ROP or Retinopathy of Prematurity. When babies are on oxygen and are ventilated for a lengthy amount of time ROP is a major concern and can lead to many visual complications. James was all over the board in oxygen saturations while vented for 13 weeks, from satting 100 to 20 (or lower). They were concerned about ROP and for a while, he was stage 1-2.

Luckily Maisie was cleared soon after we left the hospital but James needed a check up every two weeks. The eye exam is not something I'll go into detail about here- except to say that it is usually the thing most NICU nurses dread.

So, we've been hauling the babies over to Wheat Ridge for the past few months, waiting for hours and getting the exam done for James. On Tuesday both babies had a routine exam done - using lights, Elmo's, and more. It was a lot more pleasant than the typical ROP exam.

The good news? The little dragons are cleared of ROP without any medical intervention - AND they don't have to return until 2014 for another exam.

We are moving on up in the world. I'm sure our NICU docs would be astonished at this news that we escaped ROP - but then again, we do things differently.

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