Friday, March 22, 2013


One little dragon came down with a cold, and that turned in to a cough, and now she is quite miserable. Poor Maisie is dealing with a virus that has her very under the weather.

Unfortunately our home remedies worked for only a few days and Thursday morning we knew it was time to make the trek to see Dr Jim. She was wheezing, had no appetite, and a cough that would not stop.

We saw Jenna, Dr Jim's counterpart, along with nurse Jayne (who had incidentally given the babies shots twice in the last week). They embarked on a full work up and determined that a virus is responsible for her symptoms and decided on a course of action. The appointment was very long but the office staff would not let us leave until they were certain that Maisie's condition could be effectively managed for the next 24 hours.

Luckily we were able to come home and avoid hospital admittance, though we were given a nebulizer and albulterol for breathing treatments. Maisie is feeling better, but she's still not 100%. The nebulizer treatments are helping, along with all of our other home remedies that we have been doing the past three days.

Last but not least, we invested in a Nosefrida. It's a suction device that allows a caregiver to suck boogies out of the infant's nose. It's absolutely horrendous but this boogie vacuum works like a charm. If it keeps us out of the hospital I'll do anything!

Get well soon, Maisie.

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