Friday, April 26, 2013

10 months old

This week has been a long one. The babies have had three journeys out of quarantine and we are excited for tomorrow's March of Dimes Walk. Thanks to the generous contributions of friends and family we are currently at $1750 in donations for Team Little Dragons!

This week has been bittersweet. My cousin Nick passed away unexpectedly at the age of 34. He had never met the babies because we had been in quarantine but I know he was looking forward to it. He is in a better place and now is the time for our family to heal and process what has happened.

Auntie Ca and cousin Giblet made the journey from Seattle for the Memorial Service and so we are thankful to have them around. They will be here for our walk Saturday and have rescheduled their Seattle team to the Tacoma walk on May 18th.

Being out of quarantine has its advantages and disadvantages. First, the little dragons are beyond adorable and it's natural for people to want to hold them and touch them. What's difficult for us is managing hand washing for those around them to help make sure the babies don't get sick.

The babies LOVE having new things to watch, observe, and learn about. It has been great to get them out of the living room, which is their number one activity and play area.

Coming out of quarantine also means packing for the go: clothes, diapers and diapering supplies, oxygen and oxygen supplies, toys, play mat, food, bottles, formula, blankets if its cold, sunglasses if its sunny, and the stroller if we are going on a walk.

Finally, coming out of quarantine means you can never be quite prepared. The little dragons' second cousin, also a preemie, came down with bronchiolitis just following our first visit and spent the week in the hospital. We are on alert and though the babies have been stuffier than normal we are keeping our fingers and toes tightly crossed that we have escaped without another bout of bronchiolitis. But, if it happens we have the tools to handle it and the amazing Dr Jim on our side.

For those of you walking in the March for Babies, we are meeting at the Thatcher Fountain in City Park on Espalande Avenue just north of 17th Avenue at 9am tomorrow!

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