Thursday, April 4, 2013


Maisie is all over the place. She moves to get her toys, to change positions, and to get from point A to point B. She's not quite crawling, but a combination of rolling and pulling herself along. She also loves to sit and stand by herself - though she will go "bonko" and fall down more often than not while standing.

James is not too far behind. He will roll over in a heartbeat and is getting stronger and more flexible every day. He's had more of an uphill battle: James was tightly swaddled for 13 weeks to keep him from extubating the ventilation tubing in the NICU, and he spent 15 weeks without amniotic fluid in the womb. Now, we are making up for lost time with play exercise and therapy.

They love to play with each other. James will laugh and Maisie blows raspberries and steals his toys. He'll hold onto some for dear life and they will wrestle over the object; yet James is kind enough to let Maisie steal others and he'll find something else to do.

Last night Maisie was playing with her oxygen tubing and saw James, who had just rolled over. She moved so he couldn't see her and grabbed a fistful of his hair - and she yanked as hard as she could. James screamed in pain and I scolded Maisie for pulling James's hair. She moved away, looked at me cross-eyed, and blew a long raspberry. She looked for another victim to terrorize - usually her giraffe - and went about her business.

James calmed down quickly but once he saw me eating my dinner he started gnawing on his hand and fussing. No one can eat before James. He wants a piece of everything, and if he can have it off my plate he's even happier. James eats like we've been starving him his whole life. If you're too slow with the spoon, James will have his hands in his mouth and start growling for more food. He'll smash his bib on his face looking for "leftovers". As soon as I could I fed James a serving and a half of peaches and yogurt and he was a happy man who went right to sleep.

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