Sunday, April 14, 2013

Counting down

We are getting closer to the March of Dimes. The little dragons' onesies arrived last night and they are amazing! I can't wait to see our adult shirts. We have reached our team goal of $626 and are currently at $1165. With commitments due to come in we should hit $1350. We are so close to making the top 10 leader board for our district that these last two weeks have got to push us over the threshold. Please help however you can by donating $1, $5, or whatever you can to the March for Babies Team Little Dragons! (Http://

The little dragons are simply amazing. Last night I sat Maisie at the piano mat, converted for big kids, of course. She pounded on that piano for an hour and only fell over once. She's pretty aggressive. I don't think real piano lessons will be in her future. Boxing may be more her style.

I then propped James up opposite Maisie and watched the two of them interact. James at first was more interested in the ceiling fan and frightened by his sister's combat with the keys. He sat quietly and then, after a few minutes, Maisie noticed that James wasn't participating. Maisie grabbed his hand and they started to play together. They sat for nearly fifteen minutes before a double meltdown happened; both fell over and they realized that they were, in fact, starving.

The babies have also gone on a very big offensive against their number one enemy right now: their oxygen. James downright refuses to keep it on at night and we are trying everything from tiny surgeon hats with strings to cutting the prongs off the cannula. Maisie is using her O's to pull herself around the living room. Hopefully we will be off O's soon; Dr Jim is trying to set us up with a pulse oximeter so we can wean at home. Until then, we are stuck doing parents vs. babies vs. oxygen. Not too fun!

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