Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yeah yeah, dada

James is pretty good at talking. He has in depth conversations and can say "Yeah", "Dada", "bubub", "gugug", "gig gig", "nana", and "yiy"; and he has started to master the art of growling. He can ask for a bottle and will repeat the same thing over and over if you don't listen to him. James will even reprimand you if the mood strikes him!

Maisie is doing an amazing job at sitting and moving around. She will be crawling before we know it. Her fine motor skills are improving every day and she enjoys pounding things together and beating the daylights out of her toys.

James on the other hand, is getting more dexterity with his fine motor skills and is moving better each day. He is very good at escaping Maisie. James can roll over so quickly and is very smart about his path when moving out of his sister's way.

Maisie loves to pull hair, skin, jewelry and clothing. She especially loves to bug James. He has outsmarted her though; and his current revenge is kicking Maisie's head while she is asleep and passing horrible gas near her head. Then, he clasps his hands together and lets out a slow, evil laugh: "Heh... Heh.... Heh...".

This happened again tonight when an exhausted Maisie fell asleep at the piano after bugging James. He had rolled onto his stomach and then onto his side to escape her, then found a good spot off of Maisie's radar. Maisie fell asleep with her face on the piano and James started kicking her head. He was thoroughly amused because every time he kicked, a new song would play on the piano. She was so tired she didn't wake up until James passed a horrible gas cloud and kicked her so hard that she awoke briefly, jumped up, and fell back onto the boppy pillow.

She probably doesn't even know what hit her, literally. Maisie may be faster but James is smarter.

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