Sunday, May 26, 2013

11 months old

I cannot believe that next month the little dragons will be a year old. Where has the time gone? A year ago we were holding our breath that we would bring home two healthy babies, and not a day goes by that I don't think about how fortunate we are. 

The babies are on the move and changing fast. Here's a synopsis of what they are into right now. 

Maisie: moving, army crawling, rocking on hands and knees, clothes, colors - especially bright blue, eating puffs and bananas, helping out, screaming, hairstyles, her hammer, balls, piano, and bead toys, getting into things she shouldn't, the "boingy" thing on the wall in the kitchen, sleeping on her tummy, pulling James's hair, crawling over James as if he were an inanimate object, sharing, raspberries, being in control, being wild, picking on anything Giraffe (it's a love / hate relationship), screaming at birds, splashing like crazy in the bath, plastic bags, finding minuscule things on the carpet to eat, and being Houdini. 

James: rolling, clapping, pounding on things, throwing toys, banging toys together, laughing and giggling, his shark shirt, reading, the ABC book by Dr Seuss, the piano, eating, cuddling, soft things, bothering Maisie, pulling wipes out of the container, bath time, laughing at words beginning with S (like "Shark Shirt"), talking up a storm, playing Roll and Dive Bomb, music, high fives, raspberries, sharing, being observant, tickles, wild hair, talking to Daddy, his keys, puppy, winkel, and rings toys, hoarding toys, plastic bibs, fresh food from the Baby Bullet, and laugh wars. 

We will be planning a 1st birthday party for the little dragons and it will likely be the weekend of June 22nd. Details to come!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pants / Hat Wrestling

The little dragons love to wrestle. Maisie of course is way more mobile right now, but that doesn't stop her from antagonizing James whenever possible. She loves to climb over him and pull his hair, or use him as a stepping stone for her next destination.

The other day it was pretty warm and as we don't have air conditioning, we were gradually undressing the little dragons so they didn't get overheated. We decided to play a game: Pants / Hats Wrestling. We stuck their pants on the babies heads and let them try to pull each other's pants off. It was hearts vs stars and as soon as we got a quick photo side by side the little dragons were off, trying to rip the pants off their twin's head. They were giggling and growling the whole time, and it was very entertaining.

In the end, James ended up with his pants entirely covering his head and Maisie was trying to crawl around with her pants over her eyes as a blindfold. But Maisie was the ultimate winner, though James wasn't far behind.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

NICU Reunion

What a day! We are exhausted. After a full day of car seats, sunshine, and seeing our friends at PSL we are finally home. It was an amazing day and I am so glad we had this opportunity to catch up with everyone.

We arrived at the Denver Zoo just after 10am to find absolutely NO parking. There was a race finishing up at City Park and a generous runner gave us his spot in the last row. We unloaded our gear: babies, carriers, stroller, diaper bag, supplies - and headed to the entrance. It was packed with families and children of all ages going to the reunion. We heard there were over 1200 people attending.

We met up with many of our nurses and doctors, including Dr Hawkeye, Dr Irish K, Dr K, and Dr Z. We saw nurses L and M, two of our absolute favorites. And our highlight was meeting up with our friends Braedyn, Dana, Chris and Ryan and Liam, Jen, and Matt. It was bittersweet because Liam's twin Lily is in the PICU at PSL (thoughts and prayers are needed).

We told our story about our pProm experience and PSL on camera for the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Foundation, with hopes that it will help others in our situation. You can watch our story here starting at 7 minutes 45 seconds.

It was muggy and hot out, and the little dragons were very overheated. We managed to see a few animals (giraffes, leopards, and cheetahs) before leaving for PSL to see the rest of our primary nurses.

At PSL we met up with nurse M, nurse C, and nurse H, along with respiratory tech J. It was so great to spend some quality time with our good friends there. We found out that the NICU will be moving to its new location on the little dragon's first birthday, June 26th. We heard time and time again how well behaved the babies were. And, people are quite impressed with their hair, eyelashes, and cuteness.

Maisie blew lots of raspberries and showed off her flexibility. James smiled and talked to everyone, and even sternly told the doctors how he felt. They weren't even showing off. I'm so proud of how far they've come.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

The little dragons have some amazing art skills. They worked with Jimmy on a Mother's Day present / art project yesterday and I am quite impressed with the results. They each picked out their own colors and used very different techniques when painting their discs. Apparently Maisie went wild and James was more methodical. I'm not surprised!

This week Jimmy and I celebrated our birthdays and we were quite busy. We even took the babies out for their first restaurant experience! We went to Abrusci's, which was a great choice. It was loud and we had a booth along the wall so the babies were able to observe all the new sights and sounds.

Maisie loved the spoons and went through four or five. James loved the paper on the table and the gluten free garlic bread. They were very well behaved and had many people admiring them throughout the night. As the birthday girl I even got thrown up on but luckily we had a change of clothes in the diaper bag for James and plenty of wipes for me. No one in the restaurant even noticed. The babies managed to get hands and feet in my food. But, as a mother, I was more than okay with that.

A year ago I was banned to lay on the couch on bed rest, weeks from "viability", not knowing what our outcome would be. My parents brought over my first Mother's Day present: a bird feeder and huge bag of bird seed. We didn't have birds for days but suddenly a male and female finch found the newest feeder in the neighborhood and came regularly for weeks before the rest of the bird community caught on. Those birds gave us so much peace and hope that things were going to turn out okay. Seven weeks later we had Maisie and James.

What a difference a year makes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here comes trouble!

The little dragons have been sick this week but you would hardly know it with the shenanigans they have been getting in to lately.

Maisie has a cough and is congested. But that's not stopping her from army crawling all around the house. She is back and forth and all over the place! Maisie is also extremely obsessed with plastic bags. If there is one around, she will find it. She especially loves the diaper refill bags and we can accredit her newfound crawling ability to her love of those sacks.

James also has a cold and is congested, and that led to an ear infection. He is feeling better and as I write this is talking and hoarding a bunch of toys. He has become a master of pulling diaper wipes out of the container. If he sees the container he will roll to it and try to get the wipes out. I think it's amazing how some of the best "toys" are not even toys at all.