Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here comes trouble!

The little dragons have been sick this week but you would hardly know it with the shenanigans they have been getting in to lately.

Maisie has a cough and is congested. But that's not stopping her from army crawling all around the house. She is back and forth and all over the place! Maisie is also extremely obsessed with plastic bags. If there is one around, she will find it. She especially loves the diaper refill bags and we can accredit her newfound crawling ability to her love of those sacks.

James also has a cold and is congested, and that led to an ear infection. He is feeling better and as I write this is talking and hoarding a bunch of toys. He has become a master of pulling diaper wipes out of the container. If he sees the container he will roll to it and try to get the wipes out. I think it's amazing how some of the best "toys" are not even toys at all.

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