Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

The little dragons have some amazing art skills. They worked with Jimmy on a Mother's Day present / art project yesterday and I am quite impressed with the results. They each picked out their own colors and used very different techniques when painting their discs. Apparently Maisie went wild and James was more methodical. I'm not surprised!

This week Jimmy and I celebrated our birthdays and we were quite busy. We even took the babies out for their first restaurant experience! We went to Abrusci's, which was a great choice. It was loud and we had a booth along the wall so the babies were able to observe all the new sights and sounds.

Maisie loved the spoons and went through four or five. James loved the paper on the table and the gluten free garlic bread. They were very well behaved and had many people admiring them throughout the night. As the birthday girl I even got thrown up on but luckily we had a change of clothes in the diaper bag for James and plenty of wipes for me. No one in the restaurant even noticed. The babies managed to get hands and feet in my food. But, as a mother, I was more than okay with that.

A year ago I was banned to lay on the couch on bed rest, weeks from "viability", not knowing what our outcome would be. My parents brought over my first Mother's Day present: a bird feeder and huge bag of bird seed. We didn't have birds for days but suddenly a male and female finch found the newest feeder in the neighborhood and came regularly for weeks before the rest of the bird community caught on. Those birds gave us so much peace and hope that things were going to turn out okay. Seven weeks later we had Maisie and James.

What a difference a year makes.

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