Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pants / Hat Wrestling

The little dragons love to wrestle. Maisie of course is way more mobile right now, but that doesn't stop her from antagonizing James whenever possible. She loves to climb over him and pull his hair, or use him as a stepping stone for her next destination.

The other day it was pretty warm and as we don't have air conditioning, we were gradually undressing the little dragons so they didn't get overheated. We decided to play a game: Pants / Hats Wrestling. We stuck their pants on the babies heads and let them try to pull each other's pants off. It was hearts vs stars and as soon as we got a quick photo side by side the little dragons were off, trying to rip the pants off their twin's head. They were giggling and growling the whole time, and it was very entertaining.

In the end, James ended up with his pants entirely covering his head and Maisie was trying to crawl around with her pants over her eyes as a blindfold. But Maisie was the ultimate winner, though James wasn't far behind.

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