Thursday, June 27, 2013

First birthday

If a first birthday was a summation of everything we've gone through in the past year, I'd say we accomplished just that. We needed to wrap up the year visiting our old friends at PSL and round out the year where we started - in the OR. 

The past few days James hasn't been himself. We saw Dr Jim, consulted with our neurosurgeon, and after two long restless nights and worrisome days our intuitions were confirmed: James's VP shunt was failing and he would need a revision immediately. 

We met Dr O at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in the late evening on the babies birthday. The doctor and her team waited until after 8:55, his actual birth time, to take him back to the OR. The procedure was simple but with general anesthesia; his catheter was entirely occluded and replaced and Dr O confirmed that James had very high cerebral spinal fluid pressure in his head. 

He is recovering now and will hopefully be home tomorrow.


We can't do anything easy. But even with the tense situation at hand we tried to make the best of this amazing day: our little dragons' first birthday. We opened presents and visited the Downtown Aquarium, which was very impressive. We did some imagining at PSL and then stopped at Sonic for Strawberry Limeades (the last thing we had before the babies were born). We continued on the trend of the stress diet, where the babies are so caught up in things that we aren't able to eat. And after surgery, I am yet again spending the night of June 26th in the hospital with my baby. But this time, I'm with James rather than a city away, tense and too worried to sleep. 


Sunday we had a great birthday party. Luckily things were still going fine with James and the babies had a wonderful time. They were very social and demolished their raspberry gluten free cupcakes. They even made sure GGP got a taste! We feel very loved. Thanks to everyone who attended in person and in spirit. We truly appreciate it. 

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