Thursday, June 6, 2013

King of the mountain

Maisie is cruising all around. She can pull to standing on her own and get down all by herself. We are so proud of her. She is one determined little dragon.

After their bedtime bottle tonight, Maisie climbed out of her chair and had her mind made up that she wanted James's. This is a common occurrence. She wants what he's eating, playing with, his spot - you name it. James was not budging.

Maisie pulled herself up and started antagonizing James. They were jabbering back and forth as if they were discussing why Maisie should have that particular seat rather than James. Maisie started poking and prodding at James's limbs, grabbing his shirt, and trying her hardest to get him out of the chair.

But, as we've learned before, James is smarter. He had higher ground and essentially the advantage. Every time Maisie got too close he would let out a cry and kick his legs as hard as possible, swat his arms at her and knock Maisie over. And every single time, she fell over. 

Maisie cried a few times, but only from surprise. She isn't used to being challenged. She made her way around to the other side of the chair and tried to work that angle, but James used his quick high-five swat and kept her out of arm's reach.

Eventually they got tired of this game and it was, of course, bed time. However, it is fascinating to watch someone with brute power try to outsmart someone with brains. It's a pretty fair match; not all the time - but they get even. 

Today was a great day. Apria came and took every last piece of oxygen equipment away. Large tanks, portable tanks, pulse oximeter. Everything is gone and we have a lot more room now. We hope we won't need it but we have great contacts and connections should we need something oxygen related. What a great obstacle to have overcome!

Finally, a year ago yesterday we hit "viability", or the point at which US neonatologists and obstetricians will save a baby that's born weighing 500 grams or at 24 weeks gestation. There are exceptions to this but it was a milestone that took a huge burden of weight off of our shoulders. We were lucky to last three more weeks. 

Also, at our appointment a year ago, we finally found out that our elusive baby B was a boy! Due to the lack of amniotic fluid they had been unable to tell until 24 weeks, when James was positioned just right. 

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  1. I love these pictures!!! Maisie is such a character!