Saturday, July 27, 2013

13 months old

It's getting harder and harder to catch these little dragons because they are all over the place. Unless they are strapped in somewhere next to each other, asleep,  or being very cooperative, it's hard for me to get a good twin photo right now.

Maisie is so very close to walking and standing unassisted! She can stand holding toys but it is a confidence thing with her.

James rolls all around, and can get from point A to point B in a flash. He loves to stand and wants to do it with no help whatsoever. We will give James a ball or something to hang onto and stand him up, and he does amazing. 

Here's what they are loving and doing right now...

Maisie: cruising, crawling, getting into trouble, eating floor food (she will probably poop a carpet one of these days), eating eggs, puffs, finger foods, smoothies, bottles, fruit of any kind; throwing tantrums, being wild and crazy, sleeping on her tummy, moving and grooving until she drops, screaming, bath time, splashing in the sink, wild hair, giraffes, baby beluga, hair pulling, her oxygen tubing, hairbrushes, picking out clothes, anything bright blue, fishies, climbing over things, playing with power cords, being Houdini, climbing stairs, saying "night night", "bedroom", "hot", "nana", "mama", "dada", "baba", maimie"; hanging upside down, her three waves (mostly her angry one), and cell phones.

James: food (anything and everything that is not his bottle - we discovered he loves beets this week), eating, laughing while eating, pounding things, shaking his head "no", laughing, giggling, tickles, disco dance parties, turtles and frogs, green and blue, tasty shirts - especially those with collars but he will tell you which ones he prefers), pianos, music, playing guitar with daddy, singing except "Five Little Monkeys" (I think it has to do with the "broke his head" part), standing, rolling, dive bomb, his green and red therapy balls, side sleeping, making "wookie" noises, yelling, saying "dada", "mama", "done", "bye bye", "I did it"; hair pulling, snuggling, comfy blankets, his cuddly, playing with his feet, admiring himself in the mirror, being calm and collected, and doing claps and high fives.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

12 month checkup and other loose ends

We've been busy around here, fighting off colds and getting the babies to random doctors appointments. We also have a big announcement but that will come in a bit. 

On Monday James had a followup Neurosurgery appointment that went well and we also got a tour of the new NICU at PSL. We are very jealous - but extremely happy for all of our friends down there. The hospital has an amazing state-of-the-art unit where they can fully care for the most fragile preemies and it is beyond incredible. We also ran into our NICU best friends Jen and Lily, in addition to many of our nurses and doctors. 

On Tuesday the little dragons had their 12 month checkup with Dr Jim, who is thrilled with their progress and says they are doing fantastic. They did, however, give Dr Jim quite the screaming match about birthday neurosurgery - which apparently they are still ranting and raving about. If there's one thing to be certain about - these little dragons do not lack verbal skills. 

Maisie: 15lbs 12oz, 26.25 inches long
James: 14lbs 5.6oz, 26.25 inches long

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, with a few exceptions. Maisie learned to say "bedroom" and James can roll a lot more fluidly now. James sat up in physical therapy for two minutes unassisted and Maisie climbed the stairs in under 45 seconds. 

Otherwise, things have been an even keel around here. James works smarter rather than harder, and Maisie is a little Houdini.


Our other big news is the announcement of our non-profit, The American Alliance for pProm Support. I oversee a national support group for pProm Moms and it is so very helpful for people; however, since our high risk pregnancy I have recognized a need for a national non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy and research. None exists. 

Many women seek out information from the Internet when their water breaks and that's how they find the support groups... But so much opportunity exists in garnering partnerships with providers and promoting research to prevent pProm and improve outcomes. It is imperative that an organization take the lead in advocating for women going through pProm, provide support avenues for them, and help spread the word about what's working and what isn't. 

The AAPS will focus on Advocacy, Partnerships, and The pProm Registry. Advocates will be local and will work with women and providers to run support groups and One to One support. The Registry is an ever-growing database of pProm pregnancies and outcomes. This data will be a resource for future studies and research endeavors aimed at improving pProm outcomes.

Sometimes in life, your mission finds you. The little dragons are here to help people. I've known that from day one. They are changing the world, one day at a time. But if we just sit back and let things go by day after day, we lose the opportunity to help others and we miss out on our true potential.

Thanks Little Dragons, for being the inspiration behind our next big adventure. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Indian food

The little dragons love Indian food. We've been out to our favorite Indian restaurant a few times and today went out to celebrate my parent's anniversary. 

Maisie of course loved banging spoons on the table and tried a new skill - sitting in the high chair. She was very proficient. Although Maisie enjoyed some of the purées and foods off of my plate, she had the most fun getting her hands into Grandma's plate and feeding herself towards the end of lunch. She did not get very messy but we can't say the same for Grandma. 

James was something else. He tried everything on Grandma's plate and was surprisingly hungry. After a while, he moved over to Grandpa's lap and we started on a mango custard. James went CRAZY. We couldn't feed it to him fast enough. In a matter of minutes he devoured two bowls and was pounding his hands on the table for more when we made the executive decision that lunchtime was over. 

The babies enjoy being in public and today was a great day to be out and about. The weather was just perfect and there was a farmers market near the restaurant that we perused before heading home. Of course James was in a mango-induced food coma and was asleep in a matter of minutes, so he spent the time lounging comfortably in the stroller and sleeping off his lunch.

Maisie, on the other hand, thought it would be exciting to ride on Daddy's shoulders and be taller than most everyone. She was thrilled to pull his hair at the same time and whenever he stopped walking or didn't go in a direction she liked, she would "Maisie Smash" her heels into his collarbone and pretend he was a pony. It was exciting for both of them. 

After a while we decided to head home. We had a great lunch, picked up some farm fresh produce, and Grandma even got a bright blue baby purse for Miss Maisie.

That's enough fun for one day. Back to our twin-splosion house - we have laundry to do, things to clean, messes to make, and shenanigans to get into!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

We visited Harvard Square for the Annual 4th of July Celebration and had an amazing time meeting lots of people and seeing many new things. The little dragons were so well behaved and got many compliments about their demeanor and cuteness, especially their curly hair and long eyelashes. Maisie showed off how well she can walk, with only a little helping hand. She is very proud of herself. 

After a long afternoon at my work we headed out to GGP's for an informal BBQ. The babies were pretty worn out but still had a great time hanging out with some of their aunties and watching the birdies. James showed everyone his musical skills, playing guitar with Daddy followed by an encore of disco dancing. He is quite the entertainer!

We tried to stay up for two nights to see fireworks but the little dragons were fast asleep before 8:30pm. Good for us; bad for fireworks viewing. 

Otherwise, the little dragons are back to normal. They're getting into lots of baby trouble, but not doing anything out of the ordinary. Here's a glimpse into what our week was like:

•James learned how to take off diapers. 
•Maisie learned how to steal James's diapers mid change. 
•James beat Maisie's bum to the beat of the songs on their new Symphony Turtle while she was sleeping. 
•Maisie can climb the stairs. Yikes!
•James managed to get wrapped up in any and every toy he got his hands on. 
•Maisie threw up in the toy box. 
•James giggled profusely while eating. 
•Maisie has two teeth!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Filling in

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Aside from an emergency birthday surgery for James and a few more gray hairs for mommy and daddy, we need to catch up on what the little dragons are up to lately. 

Current stats: 
Maisie weighs 15lbs 7oz and is 25.5 inches long.
James weighs 14lbs 2oz and is 25.5 inches long. 

Maisie: loves cruising, pulling up on everything, climbing stairs, walking with help, waving (she has three waves- nice, mean, and demanding), her impatient kick, getting in trouble, pulling hair, eating jewelry, feeding herself solid foods, eggs, picking out clothes, giraffes, feet, teething (three teeth are nearly here), mid-Adventure naps, climbing over James, bath time, bottles, Daddy, making funny noises, and the Baby Beluga book. 

James: stretching, the big red ball, beating things, eating, laughing, talking, high fives, kisses, screaming in "Angry German", eating shirts, the ABC Book by Dr Seuss, disco dance parties, shaking his head "NO", jumping, flipping, rolling over, mangos, tickles, Mommy, music, cuddles, flirting with the ladies, taking self portraits and videos with the iPhone, playing with feet, nature, and adventure time. 

James is feeling much better and is back to eating all day and sleeping through the night!