Saturday, July 27, 2013

13 months old

It's getting harder and harder to catch these little dragons because they are all over the place. Unless they are strapped in somewhere next to each other, asleep,  or being very cooperative, it's hard for me to get a good twin photo right now.

Maisie is so very close to walking and standing unassisted! She can stand holding toys but it is a confidence thing with her.

James rolls all around, and can get from point A to point B in a flash. He loves to stand and wants to do it with no help whatsoever. We will give James a ball or something to hang onto and stand him up, and he does amazing. 

Here's what they are loving and doing right now...

Maisie: cruising, crawling, getting into trouble, eating floor food (she will probably poop a carpet one of these days), eating eggs, puffs, finger foods, smoothies, bottles, fruit of any kind; throwing tantrums, being wild and crazy, sleeping on her tummy, moving and grooving until she drops, screaming, bath time, splashing in the sink, wild hair, giraffes, baby beluga, hair pulling, her oxygen tubing, hairbrushes, picking out clothes, anything bright blue, fishies, climbing over things, playing with power cords, being Houdini, climbing stairs, saying "night night", "bedroom", "hot", "nana", "mama", "dada", "baba", maimie"; hanging upside down, her three waves (mostly her angry one), and cell phones.

James: food (anything and everything that is not his bottle - we discovered he loves beets this week), eating, laughing while eating, pounding things, shaking his head "no", laughing, giggling, tickles, disco dance parties, turtles and frogs, green and blue, tasty shirts - especially those with collars but he will tell you which ones he prefers), pianos, music, playing guitar with daddy, singing except "Five Little Monkeys" (I think it has to do with the "broke his head" part), standing, rolling, dive bomb, his green and red therapy balls, side sleeping, making "wookie" noises, yelling, saying "dada", "mama", "done", "bye bye", "I did it"; hair pulling, snuggling, comfy blankets, his cuddly, playing with his feet, admiring himself in the mirror, being calm and collected, and doing claps and high fives.

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