Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

We visited Harvard Square for the Annual 4th of July Celebration and had an amazing time meeting lots of people and seeing many new things. The little dragons were so well behaved and got many compliments about their demeanor and cuteness, especially their curly hair and long eyelashes. Maisie showed off how well she can walk, with only a little helping hand. She is very proud of herself. 

After a long afternoon at my work we headed out to GGP's for an informal BBQ. The babies were pretty worn out but still had a great time hanging out with some of their aunties and watching the birdies. James showed everyone his musical skills, playing guitar with Daddy followed by an encore of disco dancing. He is quite the entertainer!

We tried to stay up for two nights to see fireworks but the little dragons were fast asleep before 8:30pm. Good for us; bad for fireworks viewing. 

Otherwise, the little dragons are back to normal. They're getting into lots of baby trouble, but not doing anything out of the ordinary. Here's a glimpse into what our week was like:

•James learned how to take off diapers. 
•Maisie learned how to steal James's diapers mid change. 
•James beat Maisie's bum to the beat of the songs on their new Symphony Turtle while she was sleeping. 
•Maisie can climb the stairs. Yikes!
•James managed to get wrapped up in any and every toy he got his hands on. 
•Maisie threw up in the toy box. 
•James giggled profusely while eating. 
•Maisie has two teeth!

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