Monday, July 1, 2013

Filling in

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Aside from an emergency birthday surgery for James and a few more gray hairs for mommy and daddy, we need to catch up on what the little dragons are up to lately. 

Current stats: 
Maisie weighs 15lbs 7oz and is 25.5 inches long.
James weighs 14lbs 2oz and is 25.5 inches long. 

Maisie: loves cruising, pulling up on everything, climbing stairs, walking with help, waving (she has three waves- nice, mean, and demanding), her impatient kick, getting in trouble, pulling hair, eating jewelry, feeding herself solid foods, eggs, picking out clothes, giraffes, feet, teething (three teeth are nearly here), mid-Adventure naps, climbing over James, bath time, bottles, Daddy, making funny noises, and the Baby Beluga book. 

James: stretching, the big red ball, beating things, eating, laughing, talking, high fives, kisses, screaming in "Angry German", eating shirts, the ABC Book by Dr Seuss, disco dance parties, shaking his head "NO", jumping, flipping, rolling over, mangos, tickles, Mommy, music, cuddles, flirting with the ladies, taking self portraits and videos with the iPhone, playing with feet, nature, and adventure time. 

James is feeling much better and is back to eating all day and sleeping through the night!

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