Sunday, July 14, 2013

Indian food

The little dragons love Indian food. We've been out to our favorite Indian restaurant a few times and today went out to celebrate my parent's anniversary. 

Maisie of course loved banging spoons on the table and tried a new skill - sitting in the high chair. She was very proficient. Although Maisie enjoyed some of the purées and foods off of my plate, she had the most fun getting her hands into Grandma's plate and feeding herself towards the end of lunch. She did not get very messy but we can't say the same for Grandma. 

James was something else. He tried everything on Grandma's plate and was surprisingly hungry. After a while, he moved over to Grandpa's lap and we started on a mango custard. James went CRAZY. We couldn't feed it to him fast enough. In a matter of minutes he devoured two bowls and was pounding his hands on the table for more when we made the executive decision that lunchtime was over. 

The babies enjoy being in public and today was a great day to be out and about. The weather was just perfect and there was a farmers market near the restaurant that we perused before heading home. Of course James was in a mango-induced food coma and was asleep in a matter of minutes, so he spent the time lounging comfortably in the stroller and sleeping off his lunch.

Maisie, on the other hand, thought it would be exciting to ride on Daddy's shoulders and be taller than most everyone. She was thrilled to pull his hair at the same time and whenever he stopped walking or didn't go in a direction she liked, she would "Maisie Smash" her heels into his collarbone and pretend he was a pony. It was exciting for both of them. 

After a while we decided to head home. We had a great lunch, picked up some farm fresh produce, and Grandma even got a bright blue baby purse for Miss Maisie.

That's enough fun for one day. Back to our twin-splosion house - we have laundry to do, things to clean, messes to make, and shenanigans to get into!

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