Friday, August 30, 2013

Fourteen months old & first vacation

We returned from our Seattle trip earlier this week, and the babies also turned 14 months old while we were there. Overall it was a whirlwind vacation but we had a blast. As it was our very first vacation and the first airplane ride with the babies, we definitely were thrown into a wild ride. Here's a glimpse into our week:

Where we went:
Touring in Auntie Ca's big black school bus (aka the Ford Flex), Auntie Ca's house, The Seattle Aquarium, Pike's Place Market, Kells Irish Pub, the outlet stores, Starbucks, Ballard Locks, Bellevue Square, Indian restaurant, seafood restaurant, and more. 

Our favorite foods: 
I loved finding gluten free Oreos at Trader Joes. I also loved making gluten free crepes on Sunday! James loved fresh mangoes, blueberries, crab dip, and Indian food. Maisie loved eating her first whole banana; other favorites were Indian food, blue corn chips with crab dip and gluten free pasta. Jimmy liked the seafood restaurant the best and Auntie Ca's fresh shrimp and garlic pasta. 

What we learned:
Going through security, we had one parent handle the belongings and the other hold the babies. We also used connecting umbrella strollers that worked very efficiently. Auntie Ca had a great wagon that collapses down completely and this was useful for times where we needed to have four kids together (Ca is a nanny). We shipped an inexpensive car seat and diapers ahead to minimize the amount of packing we would have to do, and Auntie Ca picked up formula and food for us before the trip. We needed more clothes because the babies destroyed or peed through most everything we brought- luckily there was a washer and dryer available to us.  We used an air mattress from my sister and my niece's crib / pack and play for the babies to sleep.  

Who we met / saw:
The babies met uncle Darren for the first time and they adored him. We also saw Eva, Tim and Nolan; Sam, Cida, and baby Sophia; baby Harpo and Amanda, and of course Auntie Ca and cousin Giblet. All of the kids had a blast getting to play together - and the adults enjoyed some good food and entertainment as well. Cousin Giblet was absolutely adorable with the little dragons and is so smart - she is nearly two and knows hundreds of words and phrases already. 

We don't know what our next vacation will be but we are so thankful that our first was to a place with toys, transportation, and experts in little ones. It made things a heck of a lot easier. 

Thank you SO much Erica, Darren, Marri and the rest of our friends for the warm hospitality! See you again soon!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun, Feast, Food!

This last week was a wild one for the little dragons. They both came down with some sort of virus that led them to have 36 hours of 103 degree temperatures, but following the fever they went back to normal. After two emergency trips to see Dr Jim and a few very long days and nights for all of us, the mini-fever crisis seems to be over. 

Yesterday was our one weekend day as a family and it was jam packed with excitement.

We spent the morning in the mountains, then ate lunch at home and headed off for a busy afternoon and evening. The babies did great, but by the end of the day they definitely were exhausted. 

First stop was the Gluten Free Fair at the Merchandise Mart. There were many more vendors than prior years, and tons of samples of gluten free food! We all ate lots of amazing baked goods and other things and came home with some new products to try. The babies were not exempt - they eat gluten free with me and thoroughly enjoyed trying vanilla cake, fruit snacks, granola bars, brownies, and more.

After the fair we headed to North Denver to the Potenza Lodge for Saint Rocco's Feast. Jimmy's family has been part of the lodge for years and it is a tradition. We came to enjoy the festivities and visit everyone. It was definitely interesting to have the babies at a big event with lots of people, but thankfully everything went off without a hitch.

We got home just in time for bedtime bottles and a little play time, and everyone was quite worn out. We had a blast though. Being out in public feels so normal, though we know in a few months we will be in RSV season and quarantine so we are taking advantage of every opportunity we get!

The next big adventure: our first family vacation to Seattle to visit Auntie Ca and family! We can't wait for Thursday. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Stats version 3.0

Bottles per day:
3 each, total of 6

Cost of formula per month: $150
Diapers per week: 84
Size of diapers: Size 2, almost size 3
Each month the babies will eat: 18 eggs, 20 bananas, 10 avocados, 10 apples, 10 pears, 10 mangoes, 3lbs blueberries, 3lbs cherries, 1lb peaches, 10 lbs veggies (squash, sweet potato, carrots, peas, beans, spinach, etc) 1 box Cream of Rice Cereal, 1 Quart Yogurt, 1lb cheese, 1lb meat (ham/turkey/roast beef), 2 cans of Puffs. Not to mention whatever we're eating that they eat. 
Favorite Restaurant: Little India. We have been there with both sets of grandparents and on our own, and they love it! The babies love to try new things. 
Favorite food: Maisie: right now she loves Puffs and eggs. And of course bananas. James: loves mango especially, but also likes beets and any fruit. Oh, and orange sweet potatoes. And zucchini squash. So, in a nutshell: he loves food!
Bedtime: The babies sleep from 8pm to 8am. They might be off a half hour or so but it's pretty consistent. They sleep through the night and have been doing so since they each came home from the hospital. They take 1-2 hour naps a day. 
Amount owed to hospitals from bed rest / birth: $0 (I paid off our copays and deductibles a few months ago). 
What about James's birthday neurosurgery? Well, darn. $1200 and counting owed. Could be more. 
Number of followup appointments with specialists post NICU? Only 1, neurosurgery for James in February. Otherwise we only see PT and Speech therapy. 
Size of clothing the babies wear: 3, 6, 9 months. We have a ton of clothes.

Do the babies share a room? Yes.
Do the babies share a crib? No. Maisie is very wild and she would crush James. 
Number of cousins: 1, baby Giblet who lives in Seattle. 
Number of Aunts & Uncles: 7. Jimmy has three sisters and one brother, all younger. His oldest sister is married. I have one younger sister who is married. 
I know there's a GGP. Is there a GGM? GGM passed away a few years ago and we miss her dearly. GGP is from Jimmy's side of the family. All of my grandparents have passed away. We are so thankful to have GGP in our lives for the little dragons!
Are the babies identical? They look so much alike! They are fraternal twins. Boys and girls cannot ever be identical. They may look alike because they are siblings. 
Do twins run in your family? Yes, my grandfather had twins in his family.

How much do the babies weigh? Not sure, we haven't had a doctor's appointment since last month and won't have one until late September. If I had to guess I would say 15 and 16 pounds. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Will crawl for Clifford

We had a busy late afternoon and evening. Jimmy's work friend Danny and his wife held their annual BBQ at their beautiful home in Franktown so we took the babies after I got off work and had an awesome time. It's always nice to have great food, friends, and entertainment. The little dragons were well behaved as always, and everyone commented on this as well as their curly hair and long eyelashes.  

The rest of our evening was up in the air, so we decided to head home and make gluten free pizzas and relax. The babies played and ate cherry banana yogurt smoothies while we made dinner, and then we had a bit of excitement.

Just before bedtime bottles, James started to pull himself around the living room in an army crawl. He's been doing a fabulous job rolling and getting around lately, and so we figured it would only be a matter of time before he started crawling. I went over to him and saw that he was going for a new book: "Clifford, The Big Red Dog", that the babies received just last week from their Great Aunt Joanna. 

We tried pulling the book further away to see what James would do, and he kept moving towards it. A few weeks ago, he would have rolled over and called it quits. But today, he kept going until he had that book in his hands. 

James army crawled all over the living room tonight. We are so proud of him. Currently he's clapping and laughing to himself. 

And Maisie? This little Houdini was trying to escape the confines of our living room and found herself stuck in a laundry basket. Just another day in the life.