Friday, August 30, 2013

Fourteen months old & first vacation

We returned from our Seattle trip earlier this week, and the babies also turned 14 months old while we were there. Overall it was a whirlwind vacation but we had a blast. As it was our very first vacation and the first airplane ride with the babies, we definitely were thrown into a wild ride. Here's a glimpse into our week:

Where we went:
Touring in Auntie Ca's big black school bus (aka the Ford Flex), Auntie Ca's house, The Seattle Aquarium, Pike's Place Market, Kells Irish Pub, the outlet stores, Starbucks, Ballard Locks, Bellevue Square, Indian restaurant, seafood restaurant, and more. 

Our favorite foods: 
I loved finding gluten free Oreos at Trader Joes. I also loved making gluten free crepes on Sunday! James loved fresh mangoes, blueberries, crab dip, and Indian food. Maisie loved eating her first whole banana; other favorites were Indian food, blue corn chips with crab dip and gluten free pasta. Jimmy liked the seafood restaurant the best and Auntie Ca's fresh shrimp and garlic pasta. 

What we learned:
Going through security, we had one parent handle the belongings and the other hold the babies. We also used connecting umbrella strollers that worked very efficiently. Auntie Ca had a great wagon that collapses down completely and this was useful for times where we needed to have four kids together (Ca is a nanny). We shipped an inexpensive car seat and diapers ahead to minimize the amount of packing we would have to do, and Auntie Ca picked up formula and food for us before the trip. We needed more clothes because the babies destroyed or peed through most everything we brought- luckily there was a washer and dryer available to us.  We used an air mattress from my sister and my niece's crib / pack and play for the babies to sleep.  

Who we met / saw:
The babies met uncle Darren for the first time and they adored him. We also saw Eva, Tim and Nolan; Sam, Cida, and baby Sophia; baby Harpo and Amanda, and of course Auntie Ca and cousin Giblet. All of the kids had a blast getting to play together - and the adults enjoyed some good food and entertainment as well. Cousin Giblet was absolutely adorable with the little dragons and is so smart - she is nearly two and knows hundreds of words and phrases already. 

We don't know what our next vacation will be but we are so thankful that our first was to a place with toys, transportation, and experts in little ones. It made things a heck of a lot easier. 

Thank you SO much Erica, Darren, Marri and the rest of our friends for the warm hospitality! See you again soon!

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