Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun, Feast, Food!

This last week was a wild one for the little dragons. They both came down with some sort of virus that led them to have 36 hours of 103 degree temperatures, but following the fever they went back to normal. After two emergency trips to see Dr Jim and a few very long days and nights for all of us, the mini-fever crisis seems to be over. 

Yesterday was our one weekend day as a family and it was jam packed with excitement.

We spent the morning in the mountains, then ate lunch at home and headed off for a busy afternoon and evening. The babies did great, but by the end of the day they definitely were exhausted. 

First stop was the Gluten Free Fair at the Merchandise Mart. There were many more vendors than prior years, and tons of samples of gluten free food! We all ate lots of amazing baked goods and other things and came home with some new products to try. The babies were not exempt - they eat gluten free with me and thoroughly enjoyed trying vanilla cake, fruit snacks, granola bars, brownies, and more.

After the fair we headed to North Denver to the Potenza Lodge for Saint Rocco's Feast. Jimmy's family has been part of the lodge for years and it is a tradition. We came to enjoy the festivities and visit everyone. It was definitely interesting to have the babies at a big event with lots of people, but thankfully everything went off without a hitch.

We got home just in time for bedtime bottles and a little play time, and everyone was quite worn out. We had a blast though. Being out in public feels so normal, though we know in a few months we will be in RSV season and quarantine so we are taking advantage of every opportunity we get!

The next big adventure: our first family vacation to Seattle to visit Auntie Ca and family! We can't wait for Thursday. 

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