Monday, September 30, 2013

15 month checkup

Today was a busy day. We started off the morning by taking Jimmy to work, then headed over to visit our friends at PSL. It was an action packed visit. We headed home and ate gluten free blueberry pancakes, then we finished the day off with our wellness checkup with Dr Jim. Oh, and we accidentally missed a therapy appointment (sorry, Anne). 

If this post is bizarre it's because I've had two emergency dental surgeries this week and the issue is ongoing. I won't get into it here, but let's just say that my luck is such that if something bad is going to happen, it will happen to me. Anyways, this week has been a blur. 

Today we saw lots of friends at PSL- our primaries, our nurses, our favorite doctors. It was so good to catch up with everyone we spent so much time with a year ago. They seem to be settling into the new unit quite well though it doesn't quite have the coziness of the old rooms we grew so fond of. 

Our appointment with Dr Jim was thrilling as always. The little dragons rule the roost and make a great scene whenever we are there. Today was no exception. They showed off their walking, talking, noise making, troublemaking, and general shenanigans at all times. I'm glad my mom was there with me because they were a handful. 

Maisie: 16lb 12oz, 26.50 inches long
James: 14lb 14oz, 27.25 inches long

We all decided that Maisie will be the kid that breaks her arm doing something extreme, and that James will be the kid in the doctor's office because his sister broke his arm. 

Dr Jim thinks the babies are doing amazing and are right where they need to be - which is great for us to hear. We are heading into RSV season so we are stepping up quarantines and getting ready. Today the babies got their flu shots, DTAP, and HIB - all crucial for respiratory season. 

A reminder: please get your flu shot and if you are around kids, your pertussis. It's important. We urge all people who are sick to stay away from work (and us) so we can have another good RSV season to build healthy lung tissue!

A few bonus pictures if you got this far: James walking with his shopping cart and visiting Maisie in the pack and play aka Maisie Jail. Sometimes James needs the floor without threat of sister. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Every day is Christmas

When the little dragons wake up in the morning, they have long, intense, drawn out conversations in their room until its time to get up. They jabber back and forth from their respective cribs, make crazy noises, and definitely have a secret language that no one but them can understand. 

When we finally get them up in the morning, around 8 o'clock typically, they have been sleeping for nearly 12 hours. This has been the case since soon after James came home from the hospital. What's new though is the fact that once we approach the top of the stairs and the babies see their toys... their excitement is uncontainable!

Thank goodness they play so well together and independently. They are wild and all over the place, trying to escape the barricades we establish to prevent them from getting into trouble in our house. Silence equals trouble and you can't leave the little dragons alone for very long without them getting into it. 

Maisie especially loves the stairs. She can get to the top of a full staircase in less than 15 seconds flat. She loves to do it without you knowing. James is very much into chasing his green ball all around the house, over and under everything possible. He's great at pushing it up into the air and knocking things over. Maisie is our climber and will get onto anything and everything she can  to get higher; for example, she will stand in her shopping cart unassisted with a goal of getting into the pack and play. James hasn't stopped moving since he started army crawling a while back and often plays all of the musical instrument toys he can at one time, rolling and bouncing in between them like a gymnast. Lately he's been trying to pull up on things without help and has learned to push the shopping cart - with a screaming Maisie in it of course. 

I wish I could say I have pictures for all of these events taking place but they would be (and are) just blurry. The babies move too fast for me now. I'll do my best. Maybe my iPhone camera needs to be upgraded - who knows. 

This past week we had adventures like always. We went out for pizza and Indian food, went shopping, celebrated lots of birthdays, and went to a wedding. It was also the first anniversary of Maisie's homecoming from the NICU last Tuesday. 

We also had sad news; our friend Elijah passed away this week suddenly at eight months old. He never left the NICU. Our kitty friend Sinatra also passed unexpectedly at three years old; we had so much fun cat sitting him a few weeks back and it was a shock. 

You never know how much time you will have. Take every moment and be thankful for it. We are. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Herding kittens

Life has been busy and interesting lately. Today we are "watching" the Broncos game, which is actually the babies turning our living room into a toy-splosion while dressed as a football player and a cheerleader. 

It was impossible to get them in a photo together as is the trend lately; they move too quickly for my camera skills. Trying to photograph these nearly 15 month old crawling twins is quite like herding kittens.

Here's what the little dragons are doing and loving lately:

Maisie: talking (she can say: mama, dada, nana, uh-uh-oh, bear, book, ah-ha, no, night night, go, poke, baba, that, dog, baby, Mayme, Jay, etc); pointing,
feeding herself anything and everything, climbing the stairs, escaping and being a Houdini, picking out clothes and outfits, anything bright blue, torturing James and using him as a stepstool, puffs and Mum-Mums, drinking water from a cup, kitties, singing, giraffes, hangers, eating floor "food", standing by herself, and dancing. 

Standing, walking, trying to get out of eating bottles, making funny noises, eating shirts, chasing Maisie around, talking (he says: mama, dada, nana, no, night night, all done, hey, did it, baba, yeah, Mayme, baby, this, that); playing on his musical toys, the red and green balls, diaper wipes, disco dancing, eating lots of food, playing with toys ALL DAY LONG, rolling, army crawling, bright blue and bright green, drinking water from a cup, pulling up onto things, jumping and bouncing, cuddly blankets, frogs, clapping, and making the moves on pretty nurses. 

Tooth update: toothless James is finally getting the beginnings of his bottom two teeth. He is obsessed with teeth. Maisie has had two on the bottom for a while and has a new one on the top. These babies have been great when it comes to teething and we haven't experienced any problems so far. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I ate a pincher bug

These little dragons are wild and all over the place. They are serious about food and fun and are currently inseparable. Maisie is showing James the ropes and teaching him everything she can.

James is getting stronger every day. He currently loves walking with help (though it's more of a trot or power walk), standing for hours at the music table, and working to pull up on things. Maisie is doing great with standing and we are trying to get her to walk by herself but she doesn't want to leave James behind. She is also learning lots of new words and phrases. 

One of Maisie's talents is finding the smallest crumb on the carpet from across the room. Today she found a pincher bug or earwig and decided it would be fun to remove its legs and a pincher before Jimmy rescued the poor creature. We're not quite sure what happened to the extremities but knowing Maisie, she got some extra protein today. 

RSV season is fast approaching. We have been warned about impending flu shots and and that we will need to tighten up our outings and quarantine next month. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting a taste of real life with babies and without restrictions. 

In the last week we've done our first grocery outing in a cart (Costco!), a walk around the lake with our cousins, trips to GGP's and my parent's house, attended a benefit for my cousin Nick, and we babysat a friend's cat. Although it was busy, the babies enjoyed being out and about. I worry that they will be so bored with our living room that by the end of RSV season, we won't know what to do. 

Finally, in light of the upcoming RSV season our Public Service Announcement is this... 
1. Please get flu shots (and pertussis if you are around kids or babies)
2. Frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. 
3. If you are sick, stay home! Take a sick day and wait until you feel better to be out in public or at work.