Monday, September 23, 2013

Every day is Christmas

When the little dragons wake up in the morning, they have long, intense, drawn out conversations in their room until its time to get up. They jabber back and forth from their respective cribs, make crazy noises, and definitely have a secret language that no one but them can understand. 

When we finally get them up in the morning, around 8 o'clock typically, they have been sleeping for nearly 12 hours. This has been the case since soon after James came home from the hospital. What's new though is the fact that once we approach the top of the stairs and the babies see their toys... their excitement is uncontainable!

Thank goodness they play so well together and independently. They are wild and all over the place, trying to escape the barricades we establish to prevent them from getting into trouble in our house. Silence equals trouble and you can't leave the little dragons alone for very long without them getting into it. 

Maisie especially loves the stairs. She can get to the top of a full staircase in less than 15 seconds flat. She loves to do it without you knowing. James is very much into chasing his green ball all around the house, over and under everything possible. He's great at pushing it up into the air and knocking things over. Maisie is our climber and will get onto anything and everything she can  to get higher; for example, she will stand in her shopping cart unassisted with a goal of getting into the pack and play. James hasn't stopped moving since he started army crawling a while back and often plays all of the musical instrument toys he can at one time, rolling and bouncing in between them like a gymnast. Lately he's been trying to pull up on things without help and has learned to push the shopping cart - with a screaming Maisie in it of course. 

I wish I could say I have pictures for all of these events taking place but they would be (and are) just blurry. The babies move too fast for me now. I'll do my best. Maybe my iPhone camera needs to be upgraded - who knows. 

This past week we had adventures like always. We went out for pizza and Indian food, went shopping, celebrated lots of birthdays, and went to a wedding. It was also the first anniversary of Maisie's homecoming from the NICU last Tuesday. 

We also had sad news; our friend Elijah passed away this week suddenly at eight months old. He never left the NICU. Our kitty friend Sinatra also passed unexpectedly at three years old; we had so much fun cat sitting him a few weeks back and it was a shock. 

You never know how much time you will have. Take every moment and be thankful for it. We are. 

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