Sunday, September 15, 2013

Herding kittens

Life has been busy and interesting lately. Today we are "watching" the Broncos game, which is actually the babies turning our living room into a toy-splosion while dressed as a football player and a cheerleader. 

It was impossible to get them in a photo together as is the trend lately; they move too quickly for my camera skills. Trying to photograph these nearly 15 month old crawling twins is quite like herding kittens.

Here's what the little dragons are doing and loving lately:

Maisie: talking (she can say: mama, dada, nana, uh-uh-oh, bear, book, ah-ha, no, night night, go, poke, baba, that, dog, baby, Mayme, Jay, etc); pointing,
feeding herself anything and everything, climbing the stairs, escaping and being a Houdini, picking out clothes and outfits, anything bright blue, torturing James and using him as a stepstool, puffs and Mum-Mums, drinking water from a cup, kitties, singing, giraffes, hangers, eating floor "food", standing by herself, and dancing. 

Standing, walking, trying to get out of eating bottles, making funny noises, eating shirts, chasing Maisie around, talking (he says: mama, dada, nana, no, night night, all done, hey, did it, baba, yeah, Mayme, baby, this, that); playing on his musical toys, the red and green balls, diaper wipes, disco dancing, eating lots of food, playing with toys ALL DAY LONG, rolling, army crawling, bright blue and bright green, drinking water from a cup, pulling up onto things, jumping and bouncing, cuddly blankets, frogs, clapping, and making the moves on pretty nurses. 

Tooth update: toothless James is finally getting the beginnings of his bottom two teeth. He is obsessed with teeth. Maisie has had two on the bottom for a while and has a new one on the top. These babies have been great when it comes to teething and we haven't experienced any problems so far. 

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  1. photos are adorable..they are so sweet!