Saturday, September 7, 2013

I ate a pincher bug

These little dragons are wild and all over the place. They are serious about food and fun and are currently inseparable. Maisie is showing James the ropes and teaching him everything she can.

James is getting stronger every day. He currently loves walking with help (though it's more of a trot or power walk), standing for hours at the music table, and working to pull up on things. Maisie is doing great with standing and we are trying to get her to walk by herself but she doesn't want to leave James behind. She is also learning lots of new words and phrases. 

One of Maisie's talents is finding the smallest crumb on the carpet from across the room. Today she found a pincher bug or earwig and decided it would be fun to remove its legs and a pincher before Jimmy rescued the poor creature. We're not quite sure what happened to the extremities but knowing Maisie, she got some extra protein today. 

RSV season is fast approaching. We have been warned about impending flu shots and and that we will need to tighten up our outings and quarantine next month. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting a taste of real life with babies and without restrictions. 

In the last week we've done our first grocery outing in a cart (Costco!), a walk around the lake with our cousins, trips to GGP's and my parent's house, attended a benefit for my cousin Nick, and we babysat a friend's cat. Although it was busy, the babies enjoyed being out and about. I worry that they will be so bored with our living room that by the end of RSV season, we won't know what to do. 

Finally, in light of the upcoming RSV season our Public Service Announcement is this... 
1. Please get flu shots (and pertussis if you are around kids or babies)
2. Frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. 
3. If you are sick, stay home! Take a sick day and wait until you feel better to be out in public or at work. 

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