Monday, October 7, 2013

Circus, Chipotle, Casio

This week has been another whirlwind. Between visiting the dentist way too many times and a couple of other appointments and commitments - we have been way too busy. 

The little dragons had their first circus adventure yesterday and did pretty well, considering the length of the show. Maisie enjoyed watching people and the horses with sparkly pink saddles. James liked the trapeze artists and the electric guitar songs. They started to get antsy after an hour, but we were proud of their behavior considering the show was nearly the length of a plane ride. 

We don't really eat fast food, mostly due to my diet restrictions with Celiac disease. The little dragons have never had fast food and it will stay that way as long as possible. 

However, we all love Chipotle. Yes, the babies love to eat naked burrito bowls. Realistically they take a cut of my food before we eat, but it is astonishing how much these kids love a bowl of steak Barbacoa, brown rice, black beans, corn salsa, cheese and guacamole. It is one great treat that we enjoy and I'd like to think its all natural and healthy. 

The little dragons love music. They could play musical toys or listen to songs all day long. James loves to play the piano and is very delicate with it; Maisie loves to dance and be wild. 

This morning we went up to the mountains and the babies spent time at a my parent's house in Conifer. They have an old Casio electric keyboard there that got lots of use throughout my childhood and now is a baby and toddler toy. James loves to create songs by playing the keys one by one, and he's very into it. Maisie might smash the keys with other toys or climb over the keyboard on the way to chasing the kitty cats.

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