Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bronchiolitis, Rhinovirus, Enterovirus

The results are in. Maisie has a severe case of bronchiolitis thanks to her prematurity and chronic lung disease. It's cause has been determined as enterovirus and rhinovirus. 

Both of these illnesses are at the end of their "season" here in Colorado. However, we have a lot of cleaning and disinfecting to do to ensure James doesn't get this illness when she comes home. 

We don't know how Maisie came up with these illnesses, but we are formulating a plan for better managing at home. We need to tighten up on hand washing, disinfecting, shoe removal, and make sure Maisie doesn't get her hands into anything she shouldn't. 

Currently Maisie is at around a liter or so of low flow oxygen. She's done a few room air challenges but they haven't gone too well. She is sleeping better and still receiving her nebulizer treatments. She still has an IV in but her medications have cut down considerably. Lots of equipment is out of her room now. She gets her nose suctioned out often because she has some pretty stubborn boogies. Best of all, Maisie has started eating! Her first meal was apple juice and french fries, and today she's had two huge bottles along with fritos, puffs, sausage, and eggs. 

The plan is to continue to wean on oxygen so that we can go home on low, or better yet, no oxygen at all. It could be later this evening or tomorrow depending on how she does. Currently Maisie is missing her brother and is finally starting to talk again (but not to the mean nurses and doctors). 

Even with her wild, feisty and grumpy attitude Maisie has a huge fan club here and everyone likes her a lot. They are trying to make her smile and show her talents even though she is resisting with every ounce of her body. But- the old Maisie is starting to peek through. Last night she told the nurse how to turn off the light ("down") and she managed to get tangled in lots of equipment as I chased her around the room. 

Thanks for all of the well wishes for miss Maisie!

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  1. Yeah! so happy she is getting better, and that you found the reason for all this yuck! Hope things get back to "normal" or routine soon..prayers always..Liz