Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Sunday Maisie started coughing. She and James have been toggling on and off with some minor cold symptoms for a few weeks now but nothing major. They've been tolerating everything well. 

However, Monday morning came around and Maisie was miserable. She was retracting, wheezing and having a lot of trouble breathing. After several hours at Dr Jim's office and many nebulizer treatments, we concluded that our attempts to treat her weren't working. Her oxygen requirements were going up drastically and she couldn't even be transported by car on two liters of oxygen- which is where her requirements peaked late afternoon Monday. 

So, an ambulance transport was called and Maisie got her second fun ride. She headed to Swedish, to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children's extension there. 

We spent the first few hours in the Pediatric ER and then Maisie was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or PICU. By the time she was upstairs she was on 8 liters of high flow oxygen and continuous breathing treatments. She was lethargic and had a fever, and the simple tests of RSV and influenza were negative. They are running more tests but for now, the illness causing Maisie's symptoms is unknown. 

This morning the respiratory team and our nurses were seriously campaigning to intubate Maisie because of her symptoms. Currently the doctor feels that she is doing okay and is managing on the high-flow cannula, but that could change. She continues to get breathing treatments to help open up her lungs, along with antibiotics and IV fluids.
The biggest issue for Maisie right now is sleep: she has only managed to get 4 hours of sleep in the last day. She is restless and agitated, which is only contributing to her illness. 

Being back at Swedish has been interesting. I have very strong memories and emotions from this hospital. Several people remember us (apparently I'm the "no-water lady") and the PICU is right next to the NICU and down the hall from Labor & Delivery and the Perinatal Center. I haven't felt up to making visits to our old stomping grounds yet but hopefully when Maisie is feeling better and we have both babies in tow. 


  1. Oh no!! Hope she shakes this illness soon! She doesn't look like a happy camper...

  2. Hope you can update us soon...been thinking and praying about you all..