Thursday, November 14, 2013

Work smarter, not harder

James is something else. He really is brilliant but as his parent it can be frustrating at times. 

Monday afternoon is therapy. We had a consult with OT to evaluate James's unwillingness (or inability) to feed himself. I swore that he was being stubborn but we wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else going on. Since he will put other things in his mouth, I wasn't too worried- but I admit that it was getting to be a little irritating to feed him everything, while Maisie self-feeds all the time. 

So, on Monday afternoon we were waiting for our therapists to arrive and I thought I would give James a Frito Scoop to play with while sitting in his chair. As soon as they walked in the door, that little dragon had shoved the Frito in his mouth and proceeded to chew on it and eat the darn Frito for the next half hour. He used both hands, dropped it and picked it back up, and was thoroughly interested in FEEDING HIMSELF. 

The OT thought we were nuts. She kept asking us if this had ever happened before, and I kept reiterating that he does not feed himself. Our therapist was shocked. I didn't even get a photo because I couldn't even believe what was happening!

So, baby James decided to feed himself for the first time ever to impress the cute OT lady, then promptly went back to being a little Emperor demanding to be fed as soon as they left. 

He definitely knows how to work the crowd. 

This past weekend the babies got their Synagis shots. Maisie passed the threshold for weight and had to get two shots. They were definitely very angry about it. 

Maisie weighs 17lbs 9oz. 
James weighs 15lbs 1oz. 

Maisie loves to "tickle" your toes. She also loves to eat dirty socks and bugs. She can make monkey noises, blow kisses, and climb anything. Maisie even has a jail named after her! Watch out, world!

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  1. They are just little darlings. Hopefully James has started cooperating and feeding himself by now. :)