Friday, December 27, 2013

18 months old / Merry Christmas 2013

Holy Moly. Where do we begin? Maybe a run down of the past week or so, just to make sure we don't miss anything. We've been without phone service and had very sporadic Internet connection, so bear with us. 

Friday 12/20 - Christmas Party with Santa at my work. The babies had an amazing time and stayed up past their "night night" time. Maisie nearly exposed Santa's fake beard. James made a few new girlfriends. 

Saturday 12/21 - We packed all day and the babies spent the day with their Aunt Angie. She was exhausted. 

Sunday 12/22 - The babies and I spent the morning playing and eating the rest of the fresh food in our house, and then they went to my parent's house for their first sleepover. Jimmy and I packed and cleaned until nearly midnight, and although we missed the babies for our last night in our old house, it was more   important to get things accomplished. 

Monday 12/23 - Moving Day! We were up at the crack of tying up loose ends. The movers showed up around 10 and we were done by 3. We couldn't have been more satisfied with the crew from Two Men With Big Hearts. They were first class! The little dragons were still with grandma and came to our new house around 5:30. 

By 6:00, I was putting our new car seats in the car and we were on the road shortly thereafter. The agenda: James's first official haircut! He and Jimmy were scheduled for 7pm and we made it just in time. 

James absolutely loved his haircut. He was such a ham. He enjoyed every second of it. Maisie was impatient during the whole process and probably a little jealous that we didn't chop her hair off too. 
Richard Morrill, Owner of Modefi Salon and James before the cut. 

P.S. This was actually James's third haircut - he has had one for each brain surgery but we only received the locks from the birthday neurosurgery. 

After the haircuts we were in the car again, eating Chick Fil A, and heading back up the hill. When we got home Maisie was keyed up but James was out cold. She tried her best to wake him up but nothing she did worked. Once we got their bedding back together, the babies went "night night". 

Tuesday 12/24 - Christmas Eve. We didn't do anything except unpack. The little dragons played all day. They absolutely love the new house. It's a ranch and there's a lot of room to roam. They have their bedroom, a play room, and two living rooms to destroy with their thousands of toys. So far though, it's staying pretty clean. 

We watched a short snow storm as we cuddled on the couch, and we began to use the kitchen table and chairs with our booster seats for the first time. Lots of new changes around here! The babies learned to say "hot" (stove / fireplace) and "snow". 

Wednesday 12/25 - Christmas. Santa came overnight and a beautiful Christmas Tree appeared in our sunroom! We opened presents in the morning then headed off to my cousin's house for the afternoon. The babies ate a TON of food. Then, we went to Jimmy's parents house and ate more food. Lots of presents were opened by the little dragons! We made it home a little late for "night night". 

Thursday 12/26 - Happy Birthday, Little Dragons - 18 months old. We kept working on unpacking and organizing the house. The babies played with their toys and roamed around the house, eating carpet fibers, helping fix things, and throwing Chex everywhere. We went to lunch at Wendy's and visited Ace Hardware. 

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