Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amidst chaos

We are living in box land. The babies have been amazing but of course they are the least impacted by our impending move. The little dragons are on a "business as usual" type of schedule but they definitely know something is up. 

Yesterday we closed and officially became homeowners! The past week has been crazy getting last minute loose ends tied up and now, realizing that our move is extremely imminent, also trying to resolve a couple of issues with our new house in Conifer. 

Tonight we took the babies up to the house for the first time; they'd been there briefly during a tour but it just wasn't the same. They were thrilled and so excited to start exploring their new house. We have a lot to do, but it will be so worth it. 

Last week a post on another blog went viral about an 8 month old's Christmas Wish List. It was pretty fitting for Maisie, who loves to get in trouble. However, it just wasn't right for James. So, in the spirit I made our own little wish lists for the Little Dragons based on their current likes. 

Maisie (from left to right, top to bottom)
1. This carpet fuzz. Or that carpet fuzz. 
2. This fun "bath toy" aka toilet bolt cover. I've tasted it, and it was yummy. 
3. Floor puffs. 
4. Floor cheese, aged yesterday. 
5. Mystery floor food.
6. Oxygen tubing. 
7. My shoe, daddy's shoe, or any dirty sock.
8. Eating bean. Not to be confused with the sitting bean and throwing bean. Bean may be interchanged with other food item. Throwing bean or other item can be eaten after 24 hours if it is thrown somewhere where mommy and daddy can't find it, and fast fast crawling and escape plan is in place to evade capture. 


1. Big green ball. 
2. Light up ball with holes.
3. Big red ball (Anne, please return to me).
4. Squishy light-up ball. 
5. Ball. 
6. Maisie's ball, which was my ball but she stole it. 
7. Both the green and red balls together. 
8. Night-night ball. 

And a final PS and milestone for this week: James pulled to standing in his crib! 

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