Sunday, December 8, 2013

On the move

The little dragons had their December Synagis shots yesterday and had to go out in the frigid weather. They did great as usual but were not very pleased with the whole thing. 

Maisie weighs 17lbs 14oz and James weighs 15lbs 7oz. 

When I got home last night I found a photo from last year, nearly 365 days ago, when we visited the Perinatal Center. The babies were just SO small then. I just had to compare them to today. 

Although these car seats (Graco Snugride 22's courtesy of There With Care) have been amazing for over a year now, the little dragons are just about out of them from a height perspective. 

So, for Christmas the babies have received a wonderful new present:

Hopefully these new Convertible Car Seats will allow our babies to stay rear facing for a very long time, which is the safest positioning. 


Over the last several months we've been busier than normal, and things are finally coming together enough that I think we can share our big news. 

The little dragons are on the move. We are buying our first home, are currently under contract and are due to close next week. It's been a crazy journey of ups and downs for the past 8 months, touring hundreds of houses with the little dragons in tow after work and on our days off. It's been insane and we are so happy that the next part of our journey is coming to fruition. 

We are moving to my hometown, to the foothills just southwest of the Denver area. While it will mean a longer commute, our new home will be a great place for the babies to grow up. We are thrilled. 

So, I'll do my best to keep updated while we are in chaos as we plan to physically move two days before Christmas and be totally out of our current home on New Year's Day. We might be crazy, but that's nothing new. 

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