Tuesday, January 28, 2014

19 months old

How time flies. The little dragons are getting bigger and stronger every day. From the pregnancy and the NICU days that's one of the main messages I had for them and they have stayed the course. Sometimes those days seem a million miles away.

Progress these days comes in the form of new words, more troublemaking, breaches in the schedule, working as a team to cause shenanigans, and mini-meltdowns. They are all over the place and are tracking miles around our new house.

Here's what the little dragons are into and doing these days.
Maisie: talking (she can say hi, bye, hot, waffle, bubble, no, up, down, outside, snow, poop, boot, yuck, guck, nose, ball, baba, llama, morning, night night, mama, dada, nana, papa, meemaw, maime, Marri, Emily, auntie, eat, etc.), walking, "All the Single Ladies" song and dance, Caspar Babypants, getting in trouble, the bathroom, mirrors, the dishwasher, thermometers (she hated these in the hospital so who knows), crushing and throwing food, climbing, stealing toys, looking outside, being sweet and sassy, destroying the mail, and trying to escape. 

James: crawling on all fours, pulling up on everything you can find, walking with help, disappearing, books, patty cake, talking (his words include ball, up, down, done, more, yes, no, please, roll, pat, mama, dada, maime, papa, bye, hi, blue, boo, bear, book, baba, snow, night night, hot, etc.), destroying the mail, eating, pudding, GF baked goods, dancing, singing, music, pretty ladies (especially nurses), "Single Ladies" on mute, Caspar Babypants, his green snuggly blankets, tickles, giggles, eating floor food and books, balls, playing with Maisie, swatting things, swimming in the tub, getting out of naps, being sneaky and funny, and planning shenanigans with his sister. 

It's that time of year again: we are gearing up for the March for Babies. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 26th at Denver's City Park.

If you'd like to donate or join Team LittleDragons go here

We also have a Facebook Event if you would like to join to show your support. This year our focus is really going to be pProm Awareness and Support. We hope you'll join us!

Monday, January 20, 2014

In the last 30 minutes

• James and Maisie have read, eaten, hid, and demolished the mail. 
• Maisie tickle-tortured James during his diaper change. 
• Maisie told Siri to call her cousin Marri. 
• James and Maisie made lots of kissy faces. 
• Maisie ran off with my medication bag from the pharmacy.
• James was approved for Medicaid (woohoo! More to come on this below). 
• James crawled on all 4's all the way around the living room. 
• Maisie tried to write this post. 
• James told Jimmy to sell Maisie on "E-Bay".
• Maisie did her "Single Ladies" performance.
• James demolished our Safeway receipts. 
• James and/or Maisie changed the direction of the satellite dish and reprogrammed the remote control. 

We've always been really lucky to have amazing insurance through my work since before the babies were born. Unfortunately all that is changing due to external factors at my employer. While we are thankful to still have jobs and insurance, the options offered have significantly higher deductibles, which mean much larger costs for our family. 

There's something to be said about affordable health care. I have an issue with the current policy which requires employers to offer "affordable" coverage but only looks at the basic monthly premium costs for an individual. There's nothing affordable about insuring your family these days, especially when you know your children have a possibility of hospitalization or other major treatments. 

So today when a letter came in the mail stating James was eligible for Medicaid again, I was thrilled. This means less out of pocket costs for us on our thoroughly unaffordable family plan. We hope that we have the best insurance possible and never need to use it- but as the past two years have taught us, that just hasn't been the case. 

On a lighter note, the little dragons are all about kisses right now. Here are some kisses for you!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Maisie's walking! Beyoncé and bread love.

Readers of our blog will know Maisie has been on the verge of walking for months. I can officially report that she is toddling on her own with no help from us!

This little dragon has lacked the confidence to walk for some time even though her ability has been there. Maybe she's letting James catch up; I'm not entirely sure. One thing's certain: she has a whole new skill to work on and she is bound and determined to use it.

If you would like to see a video of Maisie walking please check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/littledragons626. It's a lot easier to post there than here. 

Another funny thing has been happening lately. Maisie has somehow picked up part of the "All the Single Ladies" dance and song from Beyoncé. We have no idea where this came from but we think one of the aunties might be involved. Nothing against the song or the artist, but this isn't really our thing.

So Maisie can now sing the "oh-oh-oh" part and do the hand motions on demand. You can imagine how surprised we were when this sassy little dragon started showing off her new trick. Perhaps she practices with one of the nanny grannies...? Who knows. 

Meanwhile, James has a newfound affinity for fine gluten free baked goods. I swear, this child could eat a whole pan of cookies if we'd let him. He is also cutting several new teeth that we weren't expecting so that might have something to do with his current bread love.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowy Weekend

We are enjoying a nice, long three day weekend at home. Aside from a trek out in the snow to get the little dragons' Synagis shots Saturday, we have just been staying in.

It's been snowing here since Friday night and though we have over a foot by now, it's not too usual for the time of year and our new elevation. We're pretty used to it but it is nice to not have to go anywhere. 

The babies can say "snow" but it doesn't have an audible "s". They enjoy watching it but are completely fine staying indoors right now. 

However, after nearly three days of being inside I thought it was time that they get out and experience some white fluffy snow for themselves. By this afternoon the temperature was a balmy 25 degrees, so began I gathering all of the winter gear from the babies closet. I checked the tags on the snow pants that my sister purchased on clearance last year for a few dollars a piece, and they read 9-12 months. The boots were a steal last year at a few dollars a piece, nearly 99% off retail price, but at size 4 they are still too big for the babies. But- we don't have anything else that will hold up in weather so I tracked down the little dragons and got them ready for snow. 

After dressing the babies in their winter's finest, we went to get the mail and then dropped the babies in a snow bank so they could make their first snow angels. At first they were a little upset, as they couldn't move too well in their bulky outfits and the snow; but after a minute the little dragons had it all figured out and were on the move. 

We took a few family photos - which is tough when you have slippery and squirmy 18 month olds - but managed to get a few photos before heading back into our warm house. 

As evidenced by the fact that the babies are still wearing 9-12 month clothing, they are still pretty small. Maisie has been following her curve (under the 3rd percentile still), but James is leveling off and is still well below the 3rd percentile. 

Lately we've been struggling with James gaining weight. We think his activity level is an issue, and also his teething. However, in the past week he lost another 3 ounces and this is in addition to the half pound he lost last month. We are really at a loss. The kid loves to eat and does a great job for the most part, but we can't have him losing so much weight. So we are starting an appetite stimulant and adding protein and calorie supplements, and upping his formula to around 30 calories. Hopefully this will work. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

As usual this holiday season we've been busy. Monday the little dragons had their 18 month checkup with Dr Jim and then we spent the day tying up loose ends at our old house. Our appointment went pretty well except James has lost a half pound since our last appointment and this was concerning. We need to bulk him up! Maisie weighs nearly 3 pounds more than James right now. 

New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful as they spent the day and evening with my mom while we worked. They were asleep as the ball dropped but teething James got up a little after one for some cuddle time.

New Year's Day was spent with Jimmy's family for their annual Chili and Tacos dinner and the babies had a blast. They were very entertaining for everyone. 


We haven't gone over the little dragons' favorite things in a while, and since they have changed so much I think it would be fitting.

Maisie: currently 17lbs 15oz, 28.5 inches long. She has four teeth on top, two on the bottom and is cutting two more. 

Screaming like a wookie, talking (she has lots of words but what comes to mind are: up, down, hi, bye, no, eat, bubble, hot, snow, night-night, ball, cheese, auntie, uncle, dada, mama, meemaw, maime, bonk, yuck/guck, more, done, papa, go, etc.), cruising, almost walking, seek & destroying, making noise, stealing toys, being silly, cell phones, pictures, books, the dishwasher, the toilet, closing doors, mirrors, pointing to and saying body parts, silverware, feeding herself with a fork/spoon, veggie straws, water, purple cups, hiding, climbing, being sweet, and doing things that perplex us. 

James: currently 15lbs and 28.5 inches long. He has two teeth on the bottom and is cutting his two front teeth and apparently his molars also. 

Talking (he can say lots of words but prefers ball, but we've heard him say up, down, more, done, mama, dada, maime,  diaper, bear, book, bird, bee, boo, poo, duck, big, no, snow, night-night, bye-bye, etc.), pulling to a stand, planking, making the world his jungle gym, balls, music, feeding himself, lounging and leaning, losing his pants, giggling, eating his blanket / arm / sleeve, chewing on meat for hours, keeping toys away from Maisie, cell phones, books, cuddly things, making the moves on pretty nurses and other ladies, learning to eat floor "food", and doing things on his own schedule.