Tuesday, January 28, 2014

19 months old

How time flies. The little dragons are getting bigger and stronger every day. From the pregnancy and the NICU days that's one of the main messages I had for them and they have stayed the course. Sometimes those days seem a million miles away.

Progress these days comes in the form of new words, more troublemaking, breaches in the schedule, working as a team to cause shenanigans, and mini-meltdowns. They are all over the place and are tracking miles around our new house.

Here's what the little dragons are into and doing these days.
Maisie: talking (she can say hi, bye, hot, waffle, bubble, no, up, down, outside, snow, poop, boot, yuck, guck, nose, ball, baba, llama, morning, night night, mama, dada, nana, papa, meemaw, maime, Marri, Emily, auntie, eat, etc.), walking, "All the Single Ladies" song and dance, Caspar Babypants, getting in trouble, the bathroom, mirrors, the dishwasher, thermometers (she hated these in the hospital so who knows), crushing and throwing food, climbing, stealing toys, looking outside, being sweet and sassy, destroying the mail, and trying to escape. 

James: crawling on all fours, pulling up on everything you can find, walking with help, disappearing, books, patty cake, talking (his words include ball, up, down, done, more, yes, no, please, roll, pat, mama, dada, maime, papa, bye, hi, blue, boo, bear, book, baba, snow, night night, hot, etc.), destroying the mail, eating, pudding, GF baked goods, dancing, singing, music, pretty ladies (especially nurses), "Single Ladies" on mute, Caspar Babypants, his green snuggly blankets, tickles, giggles, eating floor food and books, balls, playing with Maisie, swatting things, swimming in the tub, getting out of naps, being sneaky and funny, and planning shenanigans with his sister. 

It's that time of year again: we are gearing up for the March for Babies. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 26th at Denver's City Park.

If you'd like to donate or join Team LittleDragons go here

We also have a Facebook Event if you would like to join to show your support. This year our focus is really going to be pProm Awareness and Support. We hope you'll join us!

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