Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

As usual this holiday season we've been busy. Monday the little dragons had their 18 month checkup with Dr Jim and then we spent the day tying up loose ends at our old house. Our appointment went pretty well except James has lost a half pound since our last appointment and this was concerning. We need to bulk him up! Maisie weighs nearly 3 pounds more than James right now. 

New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful as they spent the day and evening with my mom while we worked. They were asleep as the ball dropped but teething James got up a little after one for some cuddle time.

New Year's Day was spent with Jimmy's family for their annual Chili and Tacos dinner and the babies had a blast. They were very entertaining for everyone. 


We haven't gone over the little dragons' favorite things in a while, and since they have changed so much I think it would be fitting.

Maisie: currently 17lbs 15oz, 28.5 inches long. She has four teeth on top, two on the bottom and is cutting two more. 

Screaming like a wookie, talking (she has lots of words but what comes to mind are: up, down, hi, bye, no, eat, bubble, hot, snow, night-night, ball, cheese, auntie, uncle, dada, mama, meemaw, maime, bonk, yuck/guck, more, done, papa, go, etc.), cruising, almost walking, seek & destroying, making noise, stealing toys, being silly, cell phones, pictures, books, the dishwasher, the toilet, closing doors, mirrors, pointing to and saying body parts, silverware, feeding herself with a fork/spoon, veggie straws, water, purple cups, hiding, climbing, being sweet, and doing things that perplex us. 

James: currently 15lbs and 28.5 inches long. He has two teeth on the bottom and is cutting his two front teeth and apparently his molars also. 

Talking (he can say lots of words but prefers ball, but we've heard him say up, down, more, done, mama, dada, maime,  diaper, bear, book, bird, bee, boo, poo, duck, big, no, snow, night-night, bye-bye, etc.), pulling to a stand, planking, making the world his jungle gym, balls, music, feeding himself, lounging and leaning, losing his pants, giggling, eating his blanket / arm / sleeve, chewing on meat for hours, keeping toys away from Maisie, cell phones, books, cuddly things, making the moves on pretty nurses and other ladies, learning to eat floor "food", and doing things on his own schedule. 

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