Monday, January 20, 2014

In the last 30 minutes

• James and Maisie have read, eaten, hid, and demolished the mail. 
• Maisie tickle-tortured James during his diaper change. 
• Maisie told Siri to call her cousin Marri. 
• James and Maisie made lots of kissy faces. 
• Maisie ran off with my medication bag from the pharmacy.
• James was approved for Medicaid (woohoo! More to come on this below). 
• James crawled on all 4's all the way around the living room. 
• Maisie tried to write this post. 
• James told Jimmy to sell Maisie on "E-Bay".
• Maisie did her "Single Ladies" performance.
• James demolished our Safeway receipts. 
• James and/or Maisie changed the direction of the satellite dish and reprogrammed the remote control. 

We've always been really lucky to have amazing insurance through my work since before the babies were born. Unfortunately all that is changing due to external factors at my employer. While we are thankful to still have jobs and insurance, the options offered have significantly higher deductibles, which mean much larger costs for our family. 

There's something to be said about affordable health care. I have an issue with the current policy which requires employers to offer "affordable" coverage but only looks at the basic monthly premium costs for an individual. There's nothing affordable about insuring your family these days, especially when you know your children have a possibility of hospitalization or other major treatments. 

So today when a letter came in the mail stating James was eligible for Medicaid again, I was thrilled. This means less out of pocket costs for us on our thoroughly unaffordable family plan. We hope that we have the best insurance possible and never need to use it- but as the past two years have taught us, that just hasn't been the case. 

On a lighter note, the little dragons are all about kisses right now. Here are some kisses for you!

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