Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowy Weekend

We are enjoying a nice, long three day weekend at home. Aside from a trek out in the snow to get the little dragons' Synagis shots Saturday, we have just been staying in.

It's been snowing here since Friday night and though we have over a foot by now, it's not too usual for the time of year and our new elevation. We're pretty used to it but it is nice to not have to go anywhere. 

The babies can say "snow" but it doesn't have an audible "s". They enjoy watching it but are completely fine staying indoors right now. 

However, after nearly three days of being inside I thought it was time that they get out and experience some white fluffy snow for themselves. By this afternoon the temperature was a balmy 25 degrees, so began I gathering all of the winter gear from the babies closet. I checked the tags on the snow pants that my sister purchased on clearance last year for a few dollars a piece, and they read 9-12 months. The boots were a steal last year at a few dollars a piece, nearly 99% off retail price, but at size 4 they are still too big for the babies. But- we don't have anything else that will hold up in weather so I tracked down the little dragons and got them ready for snow. 

After dressing the babies in their winter's finest, we went to get the mail and then dropped the babies in a snow bank so they could make their first snow angels. At first they were a little upset, as they couldn't move too well in their bulky outfits and the snow; but after a minute the little dragons had it all figured out and were on the move. 

We took a few family photos - which is tough when you have slippery and squirmy 18 month olds - but managed to get a few photos before heading back into our warm house. 

As evidenced by the fact that the babies are still wearing 9-12 month clothing, they are still pretty small. Maisie has been following her curve (under the 3rd percentile still), but James is leveling off and is still well below the 3rd percentile. 

Lately we've been struggling with James gaining weight. We think his activity level is an issue, and also his teething. However, in the past week he lost another 3 ounces and this is in addition to the half pound he lost last month. We are really at a loss. The kid loves to eat and does a great job for the most part, but we can't have him losing so much weight. So we are starting an appetite stimulant and adding protein and calorie supplements, and upping his formula to around 30 calories. Hopefully this will work. 

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