Thursday, February 6, 2014


The little dragons are doing great. They are very into collaborating right now and love causing trouble together. It's pretty interesting to watch.

Monday we had their follow up eye exam and discovered that everything was great. They have no issues to be concerned with and we don't have to go back until 2015. Both babies were thrilled with this news. The eye doctor was just not very entertaining. 

We went back home and the babies were determined to not take a nap. They watched Jimmy clear the driveway and then proceeded to throw every bit of their lunch on the floor. Only Doritos made the cut. We are horrible parents, we know. After the Broncos lost the Superbowl the babies (especially James) only want to eat orange food. I don't know why but I hope this trend ends soon.

Tonight we were eating chili (continue orange food trend) and they did a great job eating and saying "bean". James even said "chili". However, they refused to eat without their hats on (it was below zero outside; who can blame them?). When I took their hats off Maisie kept saying "hot" and James gave her a crazy look and said "brrr". Unfortunately "cold" is not in Maisie's dictionary yet. 

The March for Babies is coming up in April and we are going to be in attendance again this year. We hope to play more of a role in the March of Dimes and help more families going through pProm locally and beyond. 

So many people find this blog when they are going through similar situations, or when they are diagnosed with pProm in pregnancy. They want hope. They want to know what the future may hold. They need help through the NICU stay and beyond. 

Through the support groups I oversee and our non-profit, we work with women and their families through the process of expectant management, providing moral support and guidance through a time when even their medical providers may have abandoned them as a lost cause. We try to give these women hope. Though we never know what the future may bring or how each story may turn out, we do our best to advocate for the women and babies involved. 

We were SO lucky. We want others to be lucky and educated about the choices they have. We spend lots of time and energy and love making these connections all over the world, helping those that need it. 

Please consider making a donation to the March for Babies Team LittleDragons. It is the research that the March of Dimes has done that has enabled our Little Dragons to survive their premature birth. They are the big picture. We are focused on helping prevent and decrease the 40% of preterm births due to pProm. Our work continues. 
Donate or join here: Team LittleDragons

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