Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ugh, insurance

Thinking about this last week the only thing that comes to mind is insurance. The good news is the little dragons have insurance. The bad news is that it has been a nightmare. 

We lost our Premera Blue Cross insurance and went to Aetna on February 1st. James went on CHP+ on January 1st and then was assigned to Kaiser Permanente February 1st. The main problem is Synagis and the little dragons have not received their shots to protect against RSV because of a lot of red tape. 

We are working with Kaiser for James right now and will hopefully be getting back to our old providers through Colorado Access on March 1st. Luckily the Kaiser thing doesn't affect everything - but it is a pain in the neck. 

We saw James' temporary primary doctor yesterday and it feels as though we are cheating on our amazing Dr Jim. There's just no comparing seeing a novice pediatrician when you've got a pediatrician / former neonatologist for a doctor. The doctor yesterday really had no clue and we can't blame him. I don't think he had seen many preemies, especially ones like James. James is a 19 month old with a difficult start, very complicated NICU stay, and a short list of current diagnoses and issues. He has overcome a lot - it's nothing short of amazing. So, visiting the pediatrician at Kaiser was a waste of time and hopefully we will be back to normal soon. We are so thankful we landed with Dr Jim and Greenwood Pediatrics from the beginning.

At least we found out that James weighs 16lbs 3oz. That was a plus. 

The little dragons are great at dividing and conquering. They have amazing nonverbal communication skills that verge on ESP and I swear that they use their talents to trick us as much as possible. 

Last night Jimmy was taking out the trash and I was trying to get changed out of my grimey work clothes. The babies had crawled into our room, and were heading towards the office (which is definitely not unpacked or babyproofed yet). 

Maisie was first and she was screaming like a banshee. James was not far behind. I managed to catch James and put him in the playroom across the hall, and went back for Maisie. She had maneuvered all the way back to the other end of our office and found her favorite hiding spot. By the time I had grabbed her, James was at the door and trying to sneak past me. They may be small, but they are FAST. 

I couldn't grab both of them so I settled on just Maisie and put her in the toy room - where she promptly shut the door on me. And then I turned around to find our bedroom door shut and James laughing inside yelling "door". Maisie promptly joined in.

So there I was, shut out in the hallway, with two babies in two different rooms yelling "door". 

Just another day in the life. 

PS - looking back I realized that Maisie always seems to be wearing these elephant PJs. We have several pairs as there are only so many styles of PJ's in 12 month fleece. Sometimes the babies double up in red fire engines, and sometimes in pink elephants. They don't mind, and either do we. 

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