Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We love beeps.

The other night we had beeps for dinner. The little dragons LOVE beeps (aka beans). They have to be in whole form though, otherwise they are something unrecognizable and it isn't as fun.

The beeps were part of Jimmy's bison chili and the babies demolished their part. We nearly ran out of beeps. Between stuffing their faces with beeps and screaming "BEEPS!", they had a very fun dinner.

Maisie is very serious about her beeps. She still has a sitting beep, a throwing beep, and an eating beep- and she will sometimes trick you into eating the "sitting beep" (don't do it- it's a dirty, dirty trick). She also likes to smash her beeps into oblivion. 

James is getting into the beeps too. In the last month he has cut six teeth, three of which are molars. Teeth make eating a lot easier - especially when you don't have to gum all your food. 

The beep craziness all started earlier in the day. On our way back from James's Synagis appointment we stopped at the grocery store and happened upon the aisle where all the canned beans are. When Maisie saw the thousands of beeps she was extremely thrilled - possibly more than at the toy store. She and James happily talked about beeps until we distracted them with some other food items. People must think we are crazy - but at least the babies are cute. 

James now weighs 16lbs 5oz! Our weight gain crusade seems to be working. The next hurdle: a routine MRI of the brain and lumbar spine to make sure everything looks good. Unfortunately this has to be done under sedation. Luckily we will be in good hands as the lovely people at Kaiser have approved us to get this done at PSL through our neurosurgeon and team. 

We have some exciting news! We will be on vacation in two weeks... to Seattle to see cousin Marri, Auntie Ca and Uncle Da! We will also be meeting up with our friend/ pProm Advocate Brittani and her pprom baby Audrianna. Audri is tough as nails and has been through more than her fair share of complications during her NICU stay. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and quick homecoming would be greatly appreciated by her family. You can read her story here:

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