Friday, March 14, 2014

2 years ago

It was 730 days ago when our lives were turned upside down and this crazy journey began. It was meant to be, perhaps. This was our plan. 

pProm happens to 150,000 women in the US every year and is a factor in 40% of premature births. 

pProm happens as early as the first trimester, and is survivable. 

We are a testimony to these facts. 


Everything about our lives is different today than it was two years ago. It's been worth it, and I wouldn't change it. While this path isn't for the faint of heart, it is guided by love and an overwhelming sense of staying determined for the best possible outcome. There's a lot to be said about the determination of the human spirit, and the will of individuals to overcome the impossible.

I'm sure one day we will see and feel "normal" again. But until then, we go on helping the disillusioned and the distraught, the families told that the only option is to give up their babies to save themselves. We work to show that another course of action is to do nothing at all but a simple course of vitamins and bed rest, and let the cards of life fall as they may. Let these amazing babies prove themselves and their fighting will and determination to us. 

We work to show providers that we are educated and informed, and that we will make the best choices for our families without being pressured by statistics. We work to build partnerships and better understand how to help fragile babies born too soon because of circumstances out of our control. We aim to bring hope. 


Through our pProm experience we have met so many amazing doctors, nurses, medical professionals, mothers, babies, families- without whom we would not be here. We continue to write this blog with hopes to inspire those with a pProm diagnosis, or those who wonder what the complications of early pProm and/or premature birth are. Thank you to all who read and continue to follow our story. 

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