Sunday, March 23, 2014


The Little Dragons have always liked to play together, but as James is getting more mobile things are becoming much more interesting.

Maisie used to torment James a lot more than she does now. She will often find a ball or toy for James to play with if he's in meltdown-mode, and Maisie doesn't pull his hair anymore. Actually, she prefers to pet his hair softly and say "nice, nice", give him hugs and kisses, etc. James doesn't know what to do with this affection and sometimes bursts into tears. 

James is happy to keep up with his older (by one minute) sister. He can get into more trouble and hold his own when battling for toys.

Today was the babies' first real bath together where they played and were able to splash and have fun. James doesn't sit well on his own, especially in the bath and Maisie is downright wild. We've tried a group bath one other time and it was more than chaotic - they both tried to drown each other and Jimmy and I were crowded on the edge, trying to separate them. Today they happily chased balls around the bathtub and were very sad when we got them out. 

The fact that the babies like to play with each other is perhaps the best thing about having twins. I don't know what having a singleton is like, or even having two kids close together. But I'll say this - our babies are very sociable and it has been fun to watch. Their troublemaking is interesting and sometimes I don't even have time to get a photo (like the time they emptied the entire box of Chex in the kitchen, had a breakfast free for all and smashed the leftovers to bits).  

I have to admit that this year, I'm a bit behind on the March for Babies.... but so are you! I'm the only person to donate to our team. I hope we'll at least get to $626 this year. Will you help us?

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