Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We are Maisie

Here is a glimpse into the world according to the Little Dragons. 

1. Maisie + James = Maisie (she doesn't understand that they are individuals. Therefore, they are both Maisie. Occasionally James is "baby"). 

2. The best food is applesauce (aka "bowl", because you get a souvenir bowl that is fun to chase around. The next best food is a GF snockerdoodle cookie, followed by floor food. 

3. The toilet is a great place to play. So is the trash. The dishwasher is okay, but even better is an off-limits cabinet or room. 

4. Dinosaurs say "Nay". So do horses. Horse rides are the best!

5. Twin ESP exists. We promise!

6. James can chase a ball around ALL day long. Maisie can find trouble ALL day long. 

7. Night night happens after "eat" and "teeth", and "book". 

8. There is a Maisie / Jamesie "Night Night Song". And there are insta-tears, every time. 

9. Maisie calls these celebrities "Daddy": James Hetfield, Raffi, and Borat. She can also categorize Facebook picture postings by "eat", "baby", "mommy", and "woof". 

10. James tracks miles each week chasing his balls through the house. 

11. The little dragons will "Roar!" on command when reading their favorite book Good Night, Little Dragons. They are very smart and know how to recite parts of many books. 

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